Can’t Get Away From Them!

Hey my fellow bookworms! I am so excited to be writing my first blog post and posting it! Finally more people to share my bookish thoughts with! You know what is one of the saddest thoughts to have? When you have to say good bye to a characters that you get attach to in a series! (Series are another thing you cannot get away from, because they end up sucking your funds dry!) Well what if you didn’t have to say good bye to those characters? What if the next book by that author was about them or referenced them? The connections authors make with their characters or settings have been happening a lot lately or at least in my case it may be luck! I got to experience this fantastic phenomenon when picking up my first new adult book by Abbi Glines her Fallen Too Far trilogy!

Series-COllage fallen too far18211536

Now to be honest I was a little nervous about reading a new adult book. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get into the pure romance aspect of it, but by the end of the series I fell in love with every character, from the main characters Rush and Blaire to Grant and Woods. Even Bethy, who got on my nerves in the beginning being the overly slutty party girl friend and finally when the series ended and Rush and Blair got their ending I found myself not wanting to say bye to these characters, a few months later I realized I didn’t have to!!!

I found out she was writing a duo-logy for Woods,The Perfection Series!

twisted perfection aussie cover  17449417

She was giving him a love interest ,and a few months later Grant got his turn, The Chance Series , Take a Chance 17835766

(which even though I didn’t agree with the direction of his second book I was still happy; may write up a review for it since I finished it a few months ago and have a lot of comments!)

The thing is that even though these characters each have their own series they all continue to interlink in a bigger series called The Rosemary Beach Series ! I recommend checking it out if you are curious about new adult! I loveit overall when I don’t have to go searching for fanfictions to hold onto characters, or create love interests for the left out ones! So have you guys read these books, or have any suggestions for series that connect? I may talk about connections more the when and if notice connections! I would love to find some more New Adult, Adult paranormal, or any YA! Feel free to share; I am always searching for new books to devour!

Links to the Books Via Goodreads (if you want to pick up one of these books)

Fallen Too Far:
Never Too Far:
Forever Too Far:
Rush Too Far:
Twisted Perfection:
Simple Perfection:
Take a Chance:
One More Chance:
(All images found from google!)

Publishing Info:

Fallen Too Far By Abbi Glines Published By Abbi Glines 14th December 2012

Never Too Far By Abbi Glines Published By Smashwords 25th February 2013

Forever Too FarBy Abbi Glines Published By Abbi Glines 9th June 2013

Rush Too Far By Abbi Glines Published By Atria Books 6th May 2014

Twisted Perfection By Abbi Glines Published By Abbi Glines  24th April 2013

Simple Perfection By Abbi Glines Published By Atria Books 23rd September 2013

Take a Chance By Abbi Glines Published By Atria Books 25th February 2014

One More Chance By Abbi Glines Published By Atria Books 2nd September 2014


5 thoughts on “Can’t Get Away From Them!

  1. I finished the Too Far series and was bummed, but then I found about about Wood’s series and Rush’s brother’s series and I got overwhelmed. I’m still going to read them…eventually.


      • I have kind of a disapproval of some of her other story lines, but I still cannot help but like them. They are also quick and easy reads! Oh by the way thank you for being the first for actually posting a comment on my actual blog posts!


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