Book Retrospection: Bad For You By Abbi Glines

Bad for You cover

Introducing My First Book Retrospection!

Hey Bookworms! Going off my last post and talking about Abbi Glines, I gave into the urge to go and buy a book from her other companion novel series The Sea Breeze series! So since this book is a companion novel series you do not have to read it in any particular order, but it is a habit of mine to read them in the order it says. The next book for me in this series was the 7th book titled, Bad for You. For a summary from goodreads or if you want to find the other books click this link: Be aware though, before you pick up the book, its genre is NEW ADULT this will mean MATURE content.  If you are not comfortable with that, I would be more than happy to recommend a YA novel for you if you, like just leave a comment below!

Picking Up the Book

             To be honest I really had no expectations when picking this book up since it had been a while since I had picked up the last one. It had to have been some point over the summer that having the break between books let me read without biased or expectations. So from the summary, I knew it was about the character Krit who had been spurned in the last book, but I did not think he would get a book of his own! Reading it though, and getting to know him, Trish, and Green more made me glad he did. Now our love couple in this book was between Krit Corbin and Blythe Denton.

From the beginning I loved the use of backstory for Blythe showing what she was escaping. As a reader overall, I ADORE a good back story as it lets me know more of the character. It also tends to lessen potential annoyance for a character because you understand the way they act. I was glad that Blythe got a chance to start over in a new place, and for me she showed a great amount of character development from the second she moved into her new apartment. Now when it came to Krit compared to what I remember in the last book, and how he treated other women in this book, I was not expecting him to be as gentle as he was with Blythe. At the start I thought he was going to be too demanding of her. Both of these characters were too scared of the darkness within themselves to believe they are worthy of love, and it is understandable with what they went through (although I wanted to hear more about Krit and his sister’s, Trish’s past).

I did get tense towards the end of the book that Abbi was going to fill a cliché that she has been filling lately in her books, and was relieved when she did not. I actually laughed when she did not. Overall I found myself laughing and crying over little things in this book.  It truly connected with me emotionally, as well as some parts mentally.

Final Thoughts/Rating

I like characters that have flaws and have rough childhoods; it makes them worth rooting for and it does not make them a “GOD” as most book boys tend to be. I know that this the quote that has been going around lately is, “Book Boyfriends, God’s way of making it up to you for real men”, but I like to find characters that are not that much different from a guy that I could meet in real life. So overall this book hit a lot of good areas; for me so I give it a 4.5/5 stars (or I would have if GR would let me!) It was a quick, fun, emotional, sexy, read with characters that I cannot wait to see pop up in the next book! I tried my best not to have any way of spoiling, and I hope I’ve succeeded! If you are curious about this genre of new adult, then I definitely recommend picking up something by this author! Well, hope you guys liked my book review please feel free to comment on things I can do to improve my review, or if you want recommendations, OR if you have read this book, what you thought!

 What to Look Forward to Next!

My Next post will be about The Las Vegas Valley Book Festival!!! I plan to attend and I hear Abbi Glines will be there! For book worms meeting authors is like meeting Rock Stars, so keep an eye out for that post with all that went on! I will be posting pictures, Q&A, and books I got!

 Publishing Info

Bad for You By: Abbi Glines Published By: Simon Pulse 1st April 2014

PS: For an interesting discussion on the genre of new adult click this interesting post I found by another blogger: 


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