2014 Reading Goal

Reading goal

Hey Bookworms! How have you all been lately? So I noticed a few blogs that I have been following, like Faith’s Book Nook,  have the widget up from GR about their yearly reading goal. So this post I wanted to talk about mine as well as add the widget to my own page! So in the year of 2014, (which is coming to a close all too quickly by the way…) My goal is to read 80 books! Sounds like a lot huh? Well guess what my fellow bookworms I am realizing it is especially compared to my last 3 years of setting a goal. Over the summer I hit sort of a reading slump when I went on vacation for two weeks with my boyfriend (which I enjoyed but my books felt very abandoned) Then when school started I found it difficult being in my upper division classes of my degree to have much if any time for reading… So currently as I am writing this post on November 19, 2014. I am two books behind schedule which I know doesn’t seem like a lot at the moment, but when finals come around I fear it will get worse. Ugh!!!!

I  have even been a rule breaker and cheated a bit on the rule I set for myself which was not to add class assigned readings to the books I am reading to my Goodreads list. The books that have broken the rule are the ones that have really affected me while reading. This can go one of two ways being either books I absolutely hated reading/made my stomach respond negatively, or books I really liked that I never thought I would.

The first way: The Lesser Blessed By Richard Vancamp

The Lesser Blessed

The Second: Hard Times By Charles Dickens

Hard Times

So how do I plan on reaching my goal when I have only read 68 out of 80 books so far? Well my readers I plan to set myself up with tentative TBR’s for the months of November and December! You can see the one for November on my last post!

For December though I am a bit clueless on what to read besides this book:

The Book Theif

The Book Thief By Markus Zusak! I know, I know I may be the last person in the world to read it… So here my readers, this is where I could use some recommendations pretty please… What books do you think are good for readers and what do you think I should read. I am open to suggestions as long as there are no horror or overly gory. Graphic novels are AMAZING as well, and I am open to finding new ones. I have read the Saga Series if that helps with any suggestions… Please help a fellow bookworm out by leaving a suggestion in the comments below! (Yes I finally learned to use hyperlinks =D)

PS: I wanted to say thank you to the people who have followed me, my likers, and few people who have commented! It means a lot to me! Please don’t be shy to comment more =)

wolf (2)

Publishing Info/ Banner and Signature info

The Lesser Blessed By Richard Van Camp Published By Douglas & McIntyre 6 April 2004

Hard Times By Charles Dickens Published By W. W. Norton & Company 19 December 2000

The Book Thief By Markus Zusak Published By Knopf Books for Young Readers 14 March 2006

Banner and Signature Made By James Fenney


4 thoughts on “2014 Reading Goal

  1. Thank you for including my blog in your post! 😀 That reminds me that I have to update my widget! I’ve been so busy with college that I’ve had to neglect my blog a little bit because my school work has been all I can think about. I hope you reach your goal. Right now I’m rereading the Splintered series by A.G Howard. It’s an Alice in Wknderland retelling and it’s absolutely amazing!


    • I think I want to read the original before I read a retelling. I am glad you don’t mind that I included you! For class I have to include other bloggers in my posts! My widget I still can’t figure out how to get on my blog though =(


  2. I plan on reading 10 books before the end of the year! Good luck on reading 12, you can do it! I haven’t read the Book Thief yet either, but I’m afraid to. I recently found a really good indie book, The Griever’s Mark by Katherine Hurley. It’s a magical fantasy young adult.

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