Werewolves 101: Discussion in Wolves of Mercy Falls Read Along!

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Hey Bookworms! Welcome back as you know (or at least hope you know) I am part of hosting the Wolves of Mercy Falls Read-A-Long with She Reads She Blogs and Girl in the Pages! I will post that banner at the end of my post again in case you want to join in with our reading! So as decided leading up to our reviews of the books we are planning to have discussions that relate to these books and series just to get you all talking and sharing with us. This week’s has to be my favorite topic in the history of the world which is: Your favorite representations and re-tellings of werewolves! This is one of the topics where I am in my element and super excited to talk about. Why am I so excited to talk about this subject? In case you didn’t notice my new signature in my last post as a hint. Wolves are my favorite animals and the next step in the extension of that is the werewolf! It literally hurts my heart when I was watching a tag on booktube around Halloween and people kept saying they didn’t know of a lot of werewolf books. Well guess what Bookworms this post is going to remedy that giving you 2 awesome standalones and 3 awesome series (2 young adult and 1 adult) to help fix this problem and will hopefully intrigue you to read more of the genre after you finish the read-a-long with us!

So let’s get this started with the stand alones starting with my all-time favorite book:

Blood and Chocolate

1. Blood and Chocolate By Annette Curtis Klause my favorite book ever and it was my first introduction to the werewolf genre in high school. I went in a mad search for it after I saw the movie although I like the movie and now own it the book is a million times better. I have literally read this book 16 times which is why I now own it on my nook so my hands won’t wear it down. I loved the sense of loss and the need of a pack. I love the strength Vivian finds in herself and lets be honest her overall sexiness. I love the transformations scene and the sense of getting to know her world. Needless to say it is a 5/5 stars. Where as the books we are reading in are more of a winter read this is a perfect summer read for any YA lover!


2. So needless to say after I found Blood and Chocolate, I needed to find more! When my teenage mind had an obsession it won’t let it go… Well let’s face it I am still like that… I was walking through the Barnes&Noble and my hands instantly gravitated towards it. This book, Unleashed ,By Kristopher Reisz. So this one is has the same sense that Blood and Chocolate does in the beginning, the feeling of being an outcast when not having pack. This book deals with hesitancy humans have in staying loyal. Since this group is not made of natural born werewolves, they are more susceptible to giving into the weaknesses of a human brain. I love this book again this book is more of a summer or right before school starts again. I gave it a 4/5 stars!


Nightshade Series

1.The Nightshade Series by Andrea Cremer! This is one of my favorite series of mine! Sadly with how much I love it I would spoil it by summarizing it… It does make you feel tons of feels, and it draws you into the action. It definitely has one of the best love triangles I’ve ever read.Yes, I do have a side, so if you read them let me know and I’ll tell you. The best thing about the love triangle it isn’t the sole purpose of the novel if anything it brings more tension to the action. The best part of these books is it does not stop with these three. I give the first three a 5/5 stars!

Andrea Cremer builds up the history with the Prequel duology:


  These two I give a 5/5 again because of the amazing world building that the history brings to every one of the books. The strength in her female characters are bar none!

The last part of this series shows is known as on Goodreads as it’s Legacy ( the after story):


Since this one came out a little later I have yet to read it I plan to do a reread before I do though I am positive I’ll love it because of my bias. I will keep you all posted when I do read with my rating. I promise!

Dark Guardian Series

2. The Dark Guardian Series By Rachel Hawthorne! This is another summer series I found over the summer. One thing I loved about this series was the very wolfish sense of love. Meaning the characters have one love for life. No fickle teenage love. I also loved the willingness to protect their pack and do anything to keep their secret. The series for me as a whole was a 5/5


3. These Next two books are part of the adult series I mentioned, but they are part of a larger series of 13 books that deal with a whole different smorgasbord of paranormal creatures! The Women of the Otherworld Series  By Kelley Armstrong

These two books Bitten and Stolen introduce the werewolf genre in a new and adult way and begin to tie many of the characters that will come within this series around the main character Elena Michaels and one very sexy male werewolf Clay Danvers! These two books are about accepting what she has become and every bit of these two novels will keep you on the edge of your seat. Kelley Armstrong’s sense of world building as well as the way she develops her characters is the best I read. I give these two books a 5/5 stars I was unable to put them down. (sadly I am only on book five working on a college student fund…) What’s even more amazing Bookworms is that this series got turned into a series and they got signed for a second season! So entice you guys to watch it and see it get bigger and keep thriving here is the trailer:

So, bookworms, I hope I enticed you to picking up at least one of these books because this side of the paranormal genre needs more love so more can be created! If you have any werewolf books you think I should read or have opinions on the ones above please comment down below! It is my favorite genre and I would love to read more, but please be courteous to other readers and no spoilers! Next week tune into to see which character of the Wolves of Mercy Falls I fan girl over most. I will leave the schedule down below for all of you who might want to still join the Read-A-Long.


wolf (2)

PS Hope you guys enjoy my signature and find it easier that I included the goodreads links as hyperlinks.

Publishing Info/ Youtube Info/ Banner and Signature Credit

Blood and Chocolate By Annette Curtis Klause Published By Laurel Leaf Library 7 September 1999

Unleashed By Kristopher Reisz Published By Simon Pulse 19 February 2008

Nightshade By Andrea Cremer Published By Philomel 19 October 2010

Wolfsbane By Andrea Cremer Published By Philomel 26 July 2011

Bloodrose By Andrea Cremer Published By Philomel 3 January 2012

Rift By Andrea Cremer Published By Philomel 7 August 2012

Rise By Andrea Cremer Published By Philomel 8 January 2013

Snakeroot By Andrea Cremer Published By Philomel 10 December 2013

Moonlight By Rachel Hawthorne Published By Harper Teen 3 March 2009

Full Moon By Rachel Hawthorne Published By Harper Teen 30 June 2009

Dark of the Moon By Rachel Hawthorne Published By Harper Collins 2009

Shadow of the Moon By Rachel Hawthorne Published By Harper Teen 23 March 2010

Bitten By Kelley Armstrong Published By Plume 29 June 2010

Stolen By Kelley Armstrong Published By Plume 29 June 2010

Youtube Video: Bitten Season 1 Promo By FantasyGate

Read-A-Long Banner Made By: Girl in the Pages

Werewolves 101 Banner and Blog Signature Made By: James Fenney


12 thoughts on “Werewolves 101: Discussion in Wolves of Mercy Falls Read Along!

    • I love him too!!! I need to reread the series, so I can read the Legacy books! and there is also an adult book too that I found out from goodreads! I probably will over the break… She is definitely one of my favorite authors and I want her other books! I am glad you liked the recommendations!


  1. I’m really picky about werewolf books. So often the females are treated like crap. I liked the Blood and Chocolate movie. (I know I’m terrible that I haven’t read the book) A good love triangle? That’s impressive.


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