Wolves of Mercy Falls Read-A-Long Discussion Post: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

cold outside2

Hey Bookworms, how are you enjoying the colder weather? Well, in the spirit of The Wolves of Mercy Falls Read-A-Long I am doing with Girl in the Pages and She Reads She Blogs, this post will be about which characters in the series have kept my heart warm and my body warm with the amount of fan girling I do! This is the best part of book blogging I FINALLY have people to “hear” my fan girl rants… Normally I would be embarrassingly rant at friends and family who would not even begin to understand, and they wonder because of my excessiveness if I need to be given the happy jacket that makes me hug myself. I am glad my readers that for me reading these books are reread for me especially now that I am a bit older than I was when I first read them. I find myself noticing and loving new details about not only the characters, but the bonds they share. I am curious for the other readers who are participating are noticing most? Well any who lets gets started on who my picks are! This post will be focusing on two of my former book boyfriends. (I wanted to post pictures of the boys, but I know it wouldn’t be proper to take someone’s fan art. Plus that everyone will have different perceptions of each character, so this blog will only include banners that I think depict these boys’ personalities.)

sam (2)

Sam is the main love interest in the Shiver series, and affectionately known as Grace’s wolf. He warmed my heart from the very start even from before he meets Grace personally. I don’t want to spoil too much for you who aren’t in the read along, so I will just include a least on the things that make him AWESOMINGLY CUTE:

  • His EYES
  • He LOVES to read
  • He can come up with lyrics in his head by any inspired moment
  • How gentle and appreciative of any moment he gets with Grace
  • Can play guitar
  • He cooks for Grace
  • Has a broken past


  • Also a sexy, musician, but is a famous rock star
  • His Sarcasm
  • Also has a broken past

So there my readers are a few vague characteristics of these boys, but key details to peak your interest about these yummy book boys. I really tried my best in this post to not spoil you. I am sorry that I haven’t added more. I would have added quotes, but I am behind on reading Linger because of finals at school. I think I will try to include my favorite quotes from both of these very yummy boys in my review of Forever. If you did join us on this read-a-long, how are you enjoying the books? Who are your favorite characters? Let me know bookworms in the comments down below! I am always up for a good book talk. Stay warm and look forward to much more frequent posts from me after this one. It is my last one for class!

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wolf (2)

Banner and Signature Info

Title, Character, Signature Banner Made By James Fenney

Read-A-Long Banner Made By Girl in The Pages


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