Top 10 Books of 2014! (Done 30 minutes before 2015!)

Hey bookworms! I know this is a little last minute, but I just finished my last book of 80 of my 2014 reading challenge. Here are the books that made my top 10 (In no particular order) of 2014.

Sinner cover

Sinner By:Maggie Stiefvater

My last book of 2014 and it just did not disappoint in bringing a whole new close to my favorite series. It brought me a sense of healing that I needed.

The Giver

The Giver By: Lois Lowry

I read this book later in my life than most and I saw positives and negatives of doing so. The positive was I was able to see and appreciate the themes more. The negative is if I would’ve read this earlier I feel I would’ve appreciated dystopian books more than I do now. If you haven’t picked up this series by now, I recommend picking up in 2015!

Saga Volume One

Saga the Graphic Novel By: Brian K. Vaughan (Writer), Fiona Staples (Artist)

My first graphic novel series and I adore it! I love the character, how it’s narrated, and the art. I will warn now it does have sexual and mature content, but this is a series anyone mature enough will enjoy. I cannot wait for volume 5!

The Probability of Miracles

The Probability of Miracles By: Wendy Wonder

If you looking for a good cry and a really inspiring story (that has cancer). It has love in it, but other like other stories written previously it focuses more on the love of family and friends than the love story. A great debut novel by this author had me in tears. The writing was a little rough, but was an amazing story.

Reboot by Amy Tintera

Reboot By: Amy Tintera

A much more fun way to me, to look at “zombies”, well that’s what I defined the characters as after the fact. It had a strong female character and pulls you into the action. The second book is definitely on my TBR pile for next year!

Silver Shadows

Silver Shadows By Richelle Mead

Since I don’t want to spoil the series for my fellow bookworms that haven’t gotten this far in the series, I will just say: Sydney and Adrian’s love! Grab a box of tissues before this read because the feels are definitely in this book! I may also be biased because my name was in this book! I will be so sad to see this series come to an end in 2015…

The One

The One By Kiera Cass

Another book I don’t want to spoil, but I will just say it was what I hoped for! I am so glad that there are going to be more to this series!


Otherkin By Nina Berry

A shifter series that I discovered and fell in love with the first book especially was my favorite. I will always be hoping secretly that there is a way to shed this human skin, so whenever I find a shifter series I devour it. I also love the themes these books cover were good ones that shows acceptance should triumph.

 Lies my Girlfriend Told Me

Lies My Girlfriend Told Me By Julie Anne Peters

I’ve spoken about this book earlier, but it is touched me in a deep way. It shows how to heal again after someone you had once cared for has hurt you, and how to move on and open your heart once more. Most importantly it shows the importance of forgiveness.

Kalona's Fall

Kalona’s Fall By:P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Another book that I have mentioned before but I loved this novella! It is one of the few of the books this year that gotten a 5/5 rating for me. Novella’s allow you to see new sides to characters and it can change your view of them and that is what this book did for me.

So those are the books that reached my top of this old year? Did you read any of these books, bookworms? What made it to your top 10? Any recommends for me to read in 2015 let me know! I am always up to talk in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Books of 2014! (Done 30 minutes before 2015!)

  1. Congrats on reading 80 books! 🙂 I read Sinner last year too and surprisingly liked it even though it’s not my usual read. I read the Giver in high school and thought it was okay, but too depressing for me. I’ve heard good things about Saga.

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    • Thanks! It was hard so I lowered 2015 to 72 books instead of going for more than last year. I think The Giver opened me to Dysotopian more the only one I did not love the last one in the series. Sinner was what I needed. Saga is really good and I love the artwork! I recommend reading it but it is rated 18+. So youre not caught too off guard?

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      • If you love Lois Lowry as I do, you may want to read her memoir I found at the library: “Looking Back” (1998) You may not be old enough to appreciate her life’s lessons yet, since you are still in university, but the pictures and her own blog give you another perspective of her life, both her writing and her personal lives. Other dystopian books I used to recommend to my students include Jeanne Duprau’s “The City of Embers” and “The People of Sparks.”
        Thank you for reading my blog http://www.BESTBOOKSBYBETH.COM
        I hope will send me suggestions and comments.


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