Life update: Heartbreak

Hey bookworms I know I promised a wrap-up soon, but the last few days of break have hit a snag. It may take me a few days to feel okay to go on my computer for anything other than school. I really hope it’s not too personal of me to say this, but I’m going through a breakup. Don’t hate him, but things are harder. Especially having my first love later in life. I just need time to evaluate and forgive. I knew we both had our drawbacks and didn’t go into it blind. Will try to schedule some posts because blogging is a good distraction. Honestly not talking to him for a bit (6 weeks) and hoping time heals and gives answers. It was a long relationship and a lot went into it. I am young I know, but it’s still hard when you believe in certain things. I just feel a lot of hurt. Using today though to try and cry it all out with school tomorrow. Sorry if this got too deep or personal, but wanted to give you all a reason my posts may sound different or be late. Have a good Easter bookworms! Hope the Bunny leaves you books!


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