Book Talk: My Views on Reviews

Hey Bookworms! I am alive (kinda…)! I have had this discussion in mind for a while, but didn’t know how to approach it. Honestly? I didn’t even have a clue what to call it… I just wanted to let you guys know some of my thoughts on reviews and my decision on watching/reading them myself. So as a fairly new blogger I just wanted to throw this out there and share my thoughts, so if this seems jumbled I’m sorry. It’s kind of off the cuff, and writing when I can (between hw)! So I guess I will start on my views on reviews before hopefully explaining my decision about them above…

My Views on Reviews

Honestly reviews and reviewers are great not to mention brave! It can introduce people to things they may not try on their own, or may not know about. They can be a little scary to write and honestly I’ve only written a few, but am going to work hard on getting over my fear to write more in the future! Honestly they are a great tool to spread the love for a book, tv show, songs, or movies. You never know who you can turn onto reading in general.

Benefit number two is having a voice on things you spend time on or invest in. Whether you liked them or didn’t you are putting your voice out there in the world. Here is where I think people are brave in doing so because people may not always agree with you, but you get free range because of freedom of speech and the help of the internet. That being said though reviews can impact their readers whether it be positive or negative. Sometimes as a reviewer your voice can come off as really strong which is a good thing, but your influence can haunt your reader. Which depending on how you look at it can be a good or a bad thing. As much as reviewers put spoiler free on their reviews feeling strongly about an element especially a key element, like setting or say a love triangle can be a spoiler in itself because the viewer/reader of the thing your reviewing does not stumble on it naturally which can sometimes hurt the fun

My third and final view on reviews is they open people up to talk! The best thing about reviews in my opinion is it gets others to interact. Whether it’s them agreeing or disagreeing. It opens your eyes to other peoples thoughts. As bookworms, fan girls/boys, movie nerds, we can tend to be the quiet type. Some people often are not able to find people out where they live interested in the same things as they are. So the internet gives us a space to obsess and squeal at a healthy level and hopefully get rid of the awkwardness people can feel if they have a safe place.

My Decision on Reading/Watching Reviews 

This decision is not to offend anyone because I admire the people brave enough to do reviews, but I have had the experience in benefit number two. As reviewers we can get passionate and with how things are going even the smallest thing can be a hint! So my decision on reviews is to avoid them as best as I can until I read/watch/listen to the book,show, movie, or song. Not saying I am going to ignore star ratings on goodreads or summaries in wrapups, but I am easily influenced sometimes, and I want to be able to make connections on my own accord. A book I read a bit ago was spoiled for me because of strong feelings of a key element. I won’t name the reviewer because I don’t want to make anyone feel bad, but we all feel intense about certain things. I love a good love triangle if done right. I tend to root for who is seen as the underdog, but I couldn’t tell from that book how I felt after the review. I hope this isn’t too harsh and I am hoping that if I see a lot of my fellow bloggers reviewing something I will be spurred to reading it without reading the review. I do plan to comment and get to talking when I’ve gotten to finish whatever the review was on!

When do you read reviews bookworms? Before or after? Have you had some of my feelings when it comes to being influenced? If you’re a reviewer what is your favorite part? Feel free to comment and let me know! I wish you all a good week!

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7 thoughts on “Book Talk: My Views on Reviews

  1. this is a good topic! :)) for me, it depends. i mean i read reviews before reading a book if i’m like on a reading slump and i badly need a good read, or if like there is so much hype and i just want to read both positive and negative thoughts about it. But as much as possible id like to go in a book completely blind or half blind haha.

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  2. Nice 🙂 Hmmm usually I read reviews after reading the book because I don’t relly like spoilers o.O Sometimes though if it is book I want to read or book blogger I like 😀 then I do it other way around 🙂

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  3. I’ve never thought about reviewing being brave, this is a really interesting spin! And you’re right in a lot of ways, it IS scary to put your opinion out there because you never know how people might react, and writing a negative review has some responsibility in itself – you don’t want to put someone off a book they might actually love. But at the same time reviews are just opinions and it doesn’t mean they’re right! Personally, I always think honesty is the best policy so that’s what I try to do in my reviews while also being respectful.

    Good luck with your reviewing. 🙂

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    • I just think coming on too strong on a part you didn’t like can be spoilery. Thank you though I am going to work on a review tonight… I hope I do it well! Thank you for the comment too! Comments are my favorite part about blogging because I love talking =]


      • I agree! It can be so tough to tread the line between saying what you did and didn’t like and accidentally spoiling something. It’s something I’m always hyper aware of because I hate it when I get spoiled and don’t want to do it to others, but it’s tough.

        Oooh have fun! Comments are my favourite part too. 🙂

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