Life Update: Doctor Who Project for My Women’s Traveler’s Class


Hey Bookworms! I was bored and the last few days have not been easy to say the least, so I thought I would talk to you all! I am currently sitting in bed working on a project for my Women’s Traveler’s Lit class that is due tomorrow! Ugh right! I am not slacking I promise! I’ve had this idea for weeks and I’m just putting it into prezi format. Which is the first time I’ve used it… So this project has no guidelines, so if I didn’t have a friend take her class before I would’ve been in trouble. Don’t get me wrong I looove freedom to be creative, but I also like some form of expectation. Any who this idea for my final project came to me after we read the novel, Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, and although this book wasn’t my cup of tea (honestly was hard to get through the first 100 pages), it inspired me to do a project on my favorite travelers! Now who are they?

They are the companions from Doctor Who! Now I cannot cover all of them (or I’d probably take up the whole two hours and 45 mins), so I chose two.

Rose Tyler


Donna Noble

Donna Noble

So my project is going to be what makes these girls more than just companions and places they travel to. School is nearing it’s end. Well at least this semester, and then Fall will be my last semester and I will be graduated from University with a BA in English and a concentration in Creative Writing. So I feel I can relate to these two characters. They both seem a little lost in their life and after they travel it is what brings them to life. I wish The Doctor could come save me, or at least take a note from me and give it to me six months ago. Life has taken it’s toll and honestly I am at a scary point in life. I’ve become vulnerable to a lot and it just isn’t easy. I hope I can take from these characters though: Rose’s feeling for humanity, the strength of her love and loyalty, and sense of fun. Donna’s sense of sass, fashion, and her resourcefulness.

Anywho I am going to get back to work bookworms! I just needed a break to breathe and talk. How are you handling the end of the semester stress? What are your outlets? Any of you out of school have any advice to handle the fear after it? Who are your favorite companions or your favorite Doctors? Feel free to share and I will try to have a Top Ten Tuesday post up soon!

Basically Run

wolf (2)


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