Life update: What I’m going through… Questions for you?

Hey bookworms. Just wanted to talk, and ask you guys a few things. Sorry if this post looks a bit off, but I’m posting it from my phone because I don’t have the energy to get on my computer. I will edit it on there later, and post something a bit more cheerful on there tonight. If you have read my first post or my about page you will know this blog started out as a project for my advanced composition class.

Originally I wanted to post about three things, books, my journey with Cerebral Palsy (or CP), and my long distance relationship. Well when I approached my professor about it I had to choose only one… So I went with the thing that had made me the happiest the longest. My books! Now that school is nearing it’s end though I find myself wanting to have an outlet for what I’m facing. Now straight out I want to say I am NOT representing everyone with CP, because everyone’s experiences are different. Some might have not even faced my challenges or vice versa. I also want to say I have CP, but my CP isn’t me.

For those of you that do not know what Cerebral Palsy is it is damage to the brain before, during, or after birth. It can effect speech, motor skills, balance, intelligence, and limbs. There are many different types of CP, and that is why I made sure to include I am speaking exclusively for myself not even people of my type which is: spastic diplegic (technically I am a little quadriplegic because it affects my hands a little bit). For me this mean it affects half of my body, which for me is my legs, causing them to be a little tight. I tend to lock my knees when I am walking or standing. I don’t have the best balance in the world, and my legs can tire easy for long distances, or standing for long periods of time. I do prefer to walk though to classes though although for long distances such as theme parks, big malls, or visiting a different place I’ve never been before (out of state or country) I do use a wheelchair. Which is not my favorite. As for my intelligence it has always been above the average when it comes to books and how I devoured them. I’ve never struggled too much in school except in Chemistry, Geography, and Geometry. Speech I tend to talk softly at times or mumble not on purpose, but I don’t know if it’s the CP or just me. I can tend to stutter but that is a very rare occasion.  Anywho I will get into the side effects of CP on a post I will do next week.

This isn’t for a pity party although some of these post may be sad. I just want to document this along side my reading because I believe that if I wasn’t born this way I wouldn’t have my love for words as strongly as I do. This will not be an everyday thing, but I want to feel support as I’m taking these next steps to being happy again, and be able to look back when this tough moment is over, and say I got through this. I can handle much more… My question to you bookworms is would you be comfortable reading these posts, or would you rather me post this stuff  on a new site? My only fear with that being CP would define me and my blog. Please comment down below bookworms and let me know it’d be really helpful! I’ll post a bookish post tonight to make up for the sad! image

6 thoughts on “Life update: What I’m going through… Questions for you?

  1. Hi CK. I love reading all your posts, including the one’s dealing with your CP. I think it’s great that you don’t let it define you, but it is part of your life experience. I’m disabled after being a children’s librarian for 26 years, so I know how chronic illness can affect you. Books have always played a huge part in my life and now they, and blogging especially do so. So I for one am looking forward to reading whatever you care to share 🙂

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