Booktalk: My Current Bookworm Struggles

book talk

Hey bookworms! Hope you’re weekend is off to a better start than mine. I wanted to vent some of my bookworm struggles and see if any of you guys agree with me/have similar problems. As per usual of my book talks this is completely off the cuff. Links will be in the titles! I wouldn’t say these are pet peeves because a lot of books I read have these issues. When I was “younger” this wasn’t much of a problem because I had a better memory.

What is this problem, you ask? Having too many characters and no character list in the back of the book. I know these lists usually exist in fantasy books, but lately I feel like they should exist in other books as well. One example for instance is:

The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

The SelectionThe EliteThe One

Although I will be talking about the newest book, The Heirfor this example.

The Heir

As you may know the selection is a competition where suitors compete for the hand of the princess. It is announced early on who is in the competition and where they are from, but otherwise isn’t mentioned again unless they are on a date with Eady. I am aware that Epic reads made a few videos of interviews for the selected, but not for all of them. Eady does browse through the profiles multiple time, but us as readers only get a peak. I think it would’ve been a more invested idea to put them at the end of the book. Then at the beginning of the second book to include the ones who have survived.

This wasn’t the only book I struggled with any book revolving around a high school tend to have more than a few key characters. Unspoken by Sarah Rees Bennan.


I had trouble of who was related to who. Who was the enemy and just all over the place with characters for me.

That being said my ideas for fixing this: 1. Is character lists on the book site that if you are reading on an e-reader it will highlight and remind you of who they are. 2. Character lists in the back of the book

Bookworms am I the only one who struggles with this? What are some of your bookish struggles? Let me know in the comments and happy reading!

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Banners By: James Fenney

3 thoughts on “Booktalk: My Current Bookworm Struggles

  1. It’s definitely a good idea to have a character list, especially if there’s more than 10 characters in a book. I’d prefer if it also came with brief descriptions of them because I always forget what characters are suppose to look like once that initial description of them is made.


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