Keeping this Blog Active: 30 Day Reading Challenge

30 day reading challenge

30 Day Reading Challenge

Hey bookworms! Since I’ve been having a rough time, I’ve decided to throw myself in blogging. I saw this on a new blogger’s Twitter: Books Wide Open and I definitely think you should go check out and encourage this new blogger! Anyway seeing her post on Twitter gave me the idea to do it every day on here! I don’t know when or who started this challenge, so I can’t take credit. If anyone knows who did I will of course go back and edit who it is. Because I always give credit where it is due, so please comment if you know! Anywho let’s get started!

Day 1: Best Book You’ve Read All Year

Stardust by Neil Gaiman


This was one of the audiobooks I’ve listened to/read this year. It got me through one of the roughest moments this year and made me appreciate more. Now when I say that it is because I tried to read this when I was a Junior in high school and all the detail went over my head and bored me. Listening to the audiobook at the age of 22 ( which was my age of listening I am now 23) changed my whole experience. What made the experience even more special was the fact that Neil Gaiman narrates his own audio books and he has one of the best voices ever! Listening to the interview after help explain why I couldn’t get into it younger. This is a fairy-tale for adults! It has such great themes of love, accepting, and growing into one’s self. It makes you want to see the magic in the world even more. This book made me believe in true love and magic once more and I definitely want a paper copy. I definitely would gift this book to everyone I know if I could! Well that is all for this post bookworms I know it’s short, but I think that is what it’s suppose to be short and cute =D Happy reading!


25 thoughts on “Keeping this Blog Active: 30 Day Reading Challenge

  1. Great Idea I think, I might do this. I haven’t read Stardust yet, but I plan to read it this summer. I am glad it is good. I have watched the film and loved it. I am looking forward to seeing what else you post, the rest of the month 🙂

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    • It definitely makes you think a bit and feel productive. =] I really hope you adore Stardust as much as I did! I know it’s definitely going to be a reread at some point. Thank you so much for the comment! =D

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