Blogger Recognition Award: I Think This One Is My Favorite Awards


Hey Bookworms! I am honored to have been nominated for this award by Two Lovely Bloggers: Katherine from Katherine’s Bookcase and Alicia from #LoveBooks! Let me just say thank you two so very much and I’m sorry this has taken me so long to do this! On the bright side I am doing it in the same month I was nominated for it. Their links will lead to their award posts because I enjoy this award a ton and feel they are so worth the read! Any who let’s get this!

The Rules

1. Select 15 other blogs to give the award to. You might have to do some searching, but you can find those blogs. You can’t nominate yourself or the person who nominated you.

2. Make a post to show off your award! Talk about how your blog got started and give some advice to the other bloggers out there. And share the fancy picture!

3. Comment on each blog to let the blogger know that you have nominated them.

4. Link to the original post at Edge of Night that way anyway can find the original guidelines and such.

How I Started Blogging

As it says on my about page this blog started as a class assignment for my University Advanced Composition class. It was something I was had been debating on doing for a while especially after finishing high school. Most of my bookworm friends had lost their passion to read having assigned reading pushed on them too much, or were more interested in going out than staying in and fangirling. Now that being said with the start of this class it was a little frustrating to have to do drafts of my posts, get them edited, and then being able to post them. I mean I see the benefit of having my posts edited because I know I struggle with grammar: run on sentences, lack of commas, punctuation that kind of thing and I apologize for it! The edits held me back though because the community inspired me with the different kind of posts. Plus I was restricted to one topic of books. Now my professor said that most people struggled or chose not to keep their blog up after, but I love the fact that I am no longer restricted and can post as I please. So I got to dip my toes into blogging, see what went into it, and did my research. Classes can have a fun twist and that is what made me brave enough to start this journey!

My Blogging Advice to Other Bloggers

Since I was nominated by two bloggers I am going to give two pieces of advice, and hope that doesn’t count too much as cheating.

1. Be Social

Now stay with me because this one piece of advice is being split into a few parts, but I think it is an important part in being a blogger. We all joined this space to be heard or to bond, so being social is important to make the most of this so here are the 3 parts of this key component:

A. Comment!!!

Comment when you receive a comment make sure you reply as soon as possible. I also recommend replying on that commenter’s blog if they have one as well. Look for a post that interests you. Comments help build confidence and bonds, and can even help inspire new posts!

B. Join Social Media

Whether it be Goodread’s or twitter to post your reviews or post to. It will help you find new books and bond with other bloggers, or leads more people to your blog. They also make readathons even more fun as you can read with others during sprints and even have some friendly competition during them as you try to read more than your friends

C. Be Yourself and Use Your Voice

Now this may be a silly thing to say because it may seem like common sense, but people get nervous. Like I said above I wanted to be a book blogger because a lot of my friends were losing their love of books and I yearned to be connected. So when I talk to you all, I literally picture myself in a circle or having a one on one conversation with someone I trust. I love talking and blogging makes me feel like I am being heard. So don’t get shy or too dry let the words flow. Readers could turn out to be potential best friend across a borderline. Don’t censor your opinion too much because some people may share that same opinion!

2. Use Images

One of the many assignments was researching what keeps a reader reading. One of the key things was have pictures. Sometimes words won’t be enough to keep a reader’s attention. A pretty image can catch their eye and make them curious enough to click. So whether it be images you take yourself or borrow from another post always make sure to cite them by leaving the link or giving credit to the creator. It can also break up your text or wrap things up nicely.

My Nominees

1. Analee @ Book Snacks

2. Paige @ The Paige-Turner

3. Merin @ Read and Reviewed

4. Danielle @ Love at First Page

5. Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes

6. Amber @ YA Indulgences

7. Lynn’s @ Lynn’s Book Blog

8. Caitlin @ The Sleepy Book Nerd

9. The lovely Bloggers @ A Page of Heaven

10 The lovely blogger @ Find Me at the Library

11. Evi @ Adventuring Through the Pages

12. Fantasy Angel @ Avid Reader

13. Vivian @ Beau’ De Livres

14. Holly @ Belle of the Library

15. Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense

Well that is all for now bookworms! I hope you enjoy/find my advice useful! I’m sorry if I mention someone who has already done this already. I hope you enjoyed this post and my wrap-up will be up tomorrow.  Let me know if my advice helped or if you disagree. Like I said above I love to talk! Happy Reading!


TBR Takedown Update: It’s Already Almost Over?!

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30 Day Reading Challenge Day 25: Sometimes Paying to Learn Leads to Reading Great Books

30 day reading challenge

Hey bookworms! It’s day 25 and I will be relieved when these posts are over… It was fun at first, but now it’s making me feel a bit worn out. I will definitely go back to posting 3-4 times a week after this. So this one required some thinking with my once again horrible memory. Anywho let’s get started!

Day 25: Favorite Book Read in School

Now this one was hard to think of because I had already listed my favorite as my favorite classic on Day 10. I of course had to think of a runner-up. Thinking back on all the books I’ve read as an undergrad has been hard because not all of them have been books, so I remembered the one I have read not to long ago.

Hard Times by Charles Dickens

Hard Times

Honestly this was my first look into Dickens and I adored it. It lit a curiosity to read more by him as soon as I am able! This story when first published was serialized and therefore very episodic. It very much reminded me of a soap opera and was very fun to read! I wanted to read what happened next. You invest in the character and see the bad guy get what they deserve. It is a very good description of the haves and have nots. If you are curious about Dickens I definitely recommend this one as your first because the characters are fun and very easy to picture. It may ignite a love for classics that you never knew you had!

Well that is all for now bookworms. I am gonna go and find a book to curl-up with as I contemplate tomorrow’s post. What is your favorite classic? Have you picked up Dickens or this book yet? What Dickens’ novel should I grab next? Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments and happy reading!

PS if your curious about my answers for the Day 1 of the Challenge or Day 24 feel free to click the links~

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TBR Takedown 2.0 TBR: Overly Ambitious Once Again

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30 Day Reading Challenge Day 24: Come Over to My Side I have Caramel Apples

30 day reading challenge

Hey bookworms! It’s another challenge day! Wooooo! Okay answers are getting a bit harder to come by, and so I may not be that eager to write them. I know I also missed a week, but I definitely want to finish this, so let’s get to it!

Day 24: A Book I Wish More People Would Read

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Night Circus

Honestly I rant and rave about this book all the time and I wish more people would read this book because I need to talk about it! I’ve heard a lot of readers complain about the pace of the writing and for that I suggest the audio book whether it’s through your library, scribd (which I checked it’s on there), audible, nook audio app, or if you have the money buy a physical copy. The narrator really fits the style of the book because it does invites you into the the book. The characters are very diverse to read them is one of the many reasons to love this book. From the Twins, Tsukiko, Cecelia, or Marco you invest in each. You want to see what happens and let’s face it I am still wondering what happens after the end. The setting is AMAZING! You can see everything sooo vividly it is almost like you can smell every scent. Not to mention the countries you stop in and the way the circus travels… Next is the fashion and effects with the acts. Make me drool with envy! Last but not least: The love and the risk. So come join me and be a Rever, so I can have my Night Circus Party and invite you one day! I will have sweeeeets….

Well that is all for now bookworms! Did I convince you, or are you already a Rever? What is the book you wish more people would read? Let me know in the comments! I love to talk! Happy reading!

PS: If you want to see my Day 1 , Day 23 ,or my most passionate post: click the links if you’re curious!


30 Day Reading Challenge Day 23: The Reason E-readers Were Really Invented

30 day reading challenge

Hey bookworms! How is your week going? I can’t believe it’s already Thursday!  I swear without school I have no internal clock… Any who today is about the books we try to hide the cover from eyes… Well at least in public… Let’s face it when it comes to blogging I have no shame admitting to other readers what I am reading. I feel like the internet is easier to own up because you guys get past the sweet shell and get to the real bookworm. So that is how I am going to handle this question because let’s face it I’d never be ashamed to admit what I am reading to you all. So with that said let me talk about the books I am glad to own an e-reader for so no one can peak at the cover and some with content that might get me judged if outside people knew about the content. The choices listed below are also quick  reads in my opinion and is another factor of what makes them guilty pleasures. They aren’t really to feed my time just things to pass the time. So with all that said let’s begin!

Day 23: Guilty Pleasure Reads

Choice 1:

Before I get started let me say the first book isn’t just for the book, but for the genre. Unless you know me personally I give off a sweet and innocent girl. I am not one to openly check out people. 1. I am loyal 2. I am veeeeery picky If I do look or think things at least I like to think to myself that I am very discreet. So a genre I am glad to have a nook for is New Adult. Some of the covers are a dead give away to the content and therefore a give away from what is going through my head. Not only are the covers a give away but the titles are too.

Exhibit A: Losing It by Cora Carmack


I mean by the position and look of her face on the cover. You have a pretty good idea what they’re doing or at the very least: What I’m reading and let’s just say I don’t want random strangers to come up with uncomfortable or false ideas about me. People who take the time to know me can get to know my true mind ^_~

2. Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

Flowers in the Attic

So if you don’t know what this book is about I won’t spoil it, but it was banned when it first came out for it’s content. If you read it now you can still get why people were/are turned off by it, but again if you look deeper at the themes you can pick apart some reason and even some understanding and sympathy for these characters. Then again it may just be the English major in me.

Well that is it for now bookworms! How do you feel about reading certain books in public? Do you have guilty pleasures or do you show all your reads off with pride? Let me know down below in the comments and if you have read the two books listed above your thoughts on them. Happy Reading!

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30 Day Reading Challenge Day 22: What Currently Holds My Eyes Captive

30 day reading challenge

Hey bookworms before I start this post I have to apologize real fast! I accidentally deleted someone’s comment today when I didn’t mean to because I was trying to reply on my phone and my finger slipped and hit delete and wordpress doesn’t ask you if you are sure on the app like most things. It was on my previous post! Please don’t take it as I didn’t like your comment because comments are my favorite and since I can’t see the comment I can’t remember who it was. I would never delete a comment unless hurtful. I hope you post on this one and forgive me because I have been upset about it all day.  Sorry if that was ranty, but I want to let you all know how bad I feel. Now onto today’s topic!

Day 22: Current Reads

1. Blue Moon by Alyson Noel

Blue Moon

A reread for me and is going kind of slow, but I am eager to see how much I still like this book.

2. Past my Defenses by Wendy Sparrow


Slow reading, but mostly because I’ve been neglecting my nook or just don’t have the energy to read lately. I really want to finish this soon I feel so bad

3. The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth

 The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Another library book which I am reading very slowly and carefully because the spine is CRACKED! I am so scared that pages are gonna fall out. I am also reading slowly because it has a lot of little details that make me drag sometimes, but I really really want to like this book

4. Princess in Pink / Project Princess by Meg Cabot

 Princess in Pink

I started listening to this on Scribd last night because I was feeling a little depressed and I wanted something fluffy and quick.

Anyway bookworms I am sorry again for deleting that comment! I promise not to do it again. So let me know what your reading down below. What do you read when you are sad. Happy reading!


30 Day Reading Challenge Day 21: Returning to an Old Friend

30 day reading challenge

Hey bookworms! I know it’s been a bit since I have done this, but I don’t want to leave it undone. So I hope your eager to see what these last ten answers are going answers are going to be. So let’s begin!

Day 21: Favorite Read from Childhood

The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge

The Little White Horse

Honestly it’s been forever since I read this book, so all the details aren’t as fresh. The reason being for lack of rereading this is because my copy is a paperback and I had read it so much it was starting to fall apart! I do remember loving the era the setting was in. Thinking about being drawn in a carriage and living in a manor. There was nothing more at that time that I wanted than to go back into time and search for something magical. To be somewhere greener and not feel the ache in my muscles. To me this story was finding joy in a dark situation finding magic and belief when normally you would have none. This book’s magic and writing is something I want to revisit this summer since I bought the e-book a few months ago. I hope I enjoy it with the same amount I did then, and maybe take some notes on the world building. Well bookworms that’s all I have for now. What is your favorite childhood read? Do you still have the original copy? Let me know down below and happy reading!


Friday Reads: 7/17/15


Hey Bookworms this will technically be going up on Saturday, but I started it on Friday just needed to finish it up. I know I was MIA for a few days or… Almost a week, but thanks to fantastic people in my life I am back! I will be scheduling my challenge post after this, but this one is about my weekend reads. Not like I’ll be sleeping with this crazy wind, but let’s get to it!

Books to Keep Me Company This Weekend

1. The Young Elites by Marie Lu

The Young Elites

I’m halfway through this so I’m hoping to get it done by Saturday night and try not to get distracted!

2. Past My Defenses by Wendy Sparrow


I’m only 70 pages in and it’s frustrating to not have finished, but haven’t been on my nook much so my goal is by Sunday! We’ll see if it happens though.

3. The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

The Longest Ride

I’m plan on turning this in tomorrow, so we’ll see if I can listen to the last discs tonight! I am going to grab them after this post and see how far I get

4. Blue Moon by Alyson Noel

Blue Moon

If I finish the others I really want to try and get to this one. Old books provide comfort and I hope keep me from getting slumpy.

Well that’s all for now bookworms. I am going to go grab those discs and see how far I get. The wind is still going, so I’ll be up! Happy reading and I’ll have another post up by Saturday night!


30 Day Reading Challenge Day 20: The One that Makes Me Muffle My Giggles

30 day reading challenge

Hey bookworms! I hope your ready to talk about a happy subject. It is always good to laugh and I am not at all afraid to laugh out loud when reading. I am not ashamed because laughing in public or in the car can always start a good conversation. Books do bond us all together. So let’s talk about the book that makes me get lost in a giggle fit.

Day 20: A Book That Made You Laugh

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief

I love Percy’s sense of humor and sarcasm throughout this whole series. The fact that his mouth gets him into trouble makes it even more funny. Rick Riordan showing kids that they can use their disadvantages as advantages. Along with friends Percy shows even young we know what is worth fighting for. Riordan’s characters are definitely diverse and has an interesting take on mythology. Even if this book technically a middle grade you can enjoy this series at any age. It is definitely a book to read if you are having a bad day because it can always be worse like being chased by a creature 5 times your size and trying not to be smote by Gods! Well that is all there is for this post Bookworms! What books have made you laugh out loud in public feel free to let me know! Happy Reading!