30 Day Challenge Day 8: Going Against the Crowd

30 day reading challenge

Hey Bookworms! I hope you’re not too upset with me that this post is technically a day late. I had a really fun Tuesday though and I needed a day like that! So I really have no regrets about posting this a day late, plus I was caught between two books to choose for today. I honestly made my decision like an hour ago! So with that let’s get started!

Day 8: An Overrated Book

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Looking for Alaska

So before I start this talk I am just going to say spoilers ahead if you haven’t read this and plan to. K this is your warning… Are you clicking away yet? 3…. 2…. 1…. K if you’re not gone by now I am starting. Honestly there is not much to spoil if you know how to look. First of all the title is a dead give away for what this book is going to be about not to mention the cover. The first 10 page and essentially once you know the school has drinking teens. You automatically know what is going to happen to this group of teens. I know it is possible for guys to fall for one specific girl because I knew 2 girls like that in high school, but the clues and hints in this book were just TOO obvious. I know a lot of readers found it profound and I get the themes can be, but the hints were just too distracting for me to focus on the themes. I like to have to think and wonder at least a bit about what is going to happen in a story line and especially to characters!

Now don’t get me wrong I am not hating on John Green. I do love John Green as a human and I watch his videos on youtube and his advise is helpful. He is a wonderful activist and person, but besides from Fault in Our Stars a lot of his characters follow the same trope. I still have Paper Towns to read, but his style isn’t my favorite, but I still will continue to support him as a person by watching his videos. I definitely learn a bit from each of the Green brothers. Now I hope none of you stop following be for not agreeing, but that is how I feel about this book. I can separate the author from his work when it comes to liking him! Well that’s all for now bookworms! I am gonna get to working and scheduling more posts! Happy Reading!

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2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge Day 8: Going Against the Crowd

  1. I feel the same about John Green’s style, but Looking for Alaska is my favourite of his books. Maybe because it’s based on his own experiences, and I just have a soft spot for that kind of stories.

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