Bout of Books Day 2: Update With Another Book Done


Hey bookworms! I am posting this now, so I won’t miss the linkup! Honestly I was too lazy to get on the computer yesterday, and I was watching Inkmaster (the recliner was comfy…) So anywho let me tell you what I got to on Day 2 of this Readathon!

Books I Finished

Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern

Thanks for the Memories

I finished this book! It was good and don’t get me wrong I liked it, but after Chapter 26 it got a little frustrating for me. It reminded me of my a lot of Love Rosie if you’ve read the book you’ll know what I mean in the way of frustration. Overall the characters and ending are what made this book super cute. I give it a 3.4 out of 5 stars!

Pages and Books I Read on Day 2

Thanks for the Memories I listened to: 19 Chapters!

Forever Princess by Meg Cabot

Forever Princess

Mia was still a bit much, so I wasn’t able to push through much of it, and only read: 62 pages

Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Curse

Today I got to get reacquainted with Phet, so I know I am close to the action all over again, but since I was so determined to find out the end of Thanks for the Memories I only ended up reading: 45 pages. That being said I do plan on reading for a bit before I fall asleep, and maybe get deeper into the adventure.


None: Like I said above I wasn’t feeling in too much in the mood to go to my room.

Other News

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

The Wrath and The Dawn

Sad news for me I got the dates mixed up for this book and it was due on Tuesday not Friday. I wish the library could text and remind you the day before a book was due. I have gotten faster in my reading, but I don’t think I can finish almost 400 pages in one sitting. This book will have to wait until I am able to buy it. I feel so bad, but this is definitely one of the many reasons I need to invest in a planner this semester… Hopefully I will utilize it to the fullest.

Well bookworms that is all for now! I am gonna head to bed and try to get back on a sleep schedule! I will link my goals, 1st Challenge, and my Day 1 Progress for you though in case you missed it. Classes for me start on Monday and want to try to get my internal clock back on track? How did you do on day 2 or your reading today in general? Do you have any ideas that would make library systems better? Any suggestions for time management when I get a planner. I always appreciate the advice, and always love to talk! Happy Reading and hope you have a good day in the morning!



6 thoughts on “Bout of Books Day 2: Update With Another Book Done

  1. The wrath and the Dawn is really an amazing book and it’s one of my favorite books released this year besides ACOTAR. I really hope you get to it soon.I’ve just finished The tiger’s quest which ended with a twist and I’m so excited to read the tiger’s voyage. 😀

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    • Tiger’s voyage was most interesting in mythology to me at least. I do too but I will probably have to buy it unless they put it on Scribd. I’m currently listening to Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson I love the reader!!!

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