Friday Reads: What I Plan to Read This Weekend if My Homework Allows me


Hey bookworms! Sorry I haven’t been posting much school has been crazy and so tiring! I am working on homework while I write this post… It’s draining me once more, but I really wanted to post. I miss you guys when I am not posting. I miss posting and talking to you all. I hope to get into the swing of blogging with school soon, but I will do a post about that next. Anywho in case you all are curious this is what I plan to read between my pile of homework.

Friday Reads: 9/4/15

1.  Forever in Blue by Ann Brashares

Forever in Blue

This is my current audiobook listen and I am almost done. It fills me such nostalgia to hear the girl’s journey again! It is getting to the part I can remember it word for word.

2. Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Curse

School has drained my reading before bed and my morning’s before school are filled with required reading, but my goal this weekend is to get through this reread. It is getting to the good parts!

3. Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot

Royal Wedding

I plan to start this after I finish my listen of Forever in Blue since I finished the previous book on Monday I think.

4. Hot Blooded by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

Hot Blooded

I know this has been on my TBR multiple times, but I plan to finish it this week because I am on my last renewal! I plan to at least get a large chunk of this done this weekend if not finish it.

Well Bookworms that is what I plan to curl up with this weekend! In fact, since I didn’t take a break with homework, I plan to sleep in and read all day tomorrow. This list may end up including one mood read on my nook, but I just need a day of reading and rest. What are you planning on reading this weekend? Have you read any of these? Has school gotten in your way of reading? What is your way to read more? Do you like to reread books? Did you do a Friday Reads? Feel free to link it in the comments below or let me know your answers! As always I love to talk. Happy reading and enjoy the rest of your night!


10 thoughts on “Friday Reads: What I Plan to Read This Weekend if My Homework Allows me

  1. I have read none of these books but it sounds like the perfect way to spend your Saturday! I’m going to try and get some writing done and then maybe get caught up on some fun reading too maybe start Everything Everything tomorrow?

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