Book Talk: Trying to Beat A Slump and Finding a Hated Trope Instead

book talk

Hey bookworms! I know I posted a post last night, but I figured since I can’t stop thinking for the moment I should put that energy to good use. Now if you read my post it was talking generally about the Reading Slump I am currently trying to push through. Well a few days into my slump I thought a new adult book would be easy enough to get through… Boy was I wrong! I found a trope a few pages in that I am beginning to hate in new adult literature. That being said I can’t speak for the whole book, but I did look up the summary to confirm my suspicions on the trope. Now before I get my little rant started this does not mean I am ridding myself of the book, but due to my slump and current mood and issues of life the moment it is just an issue that upset at the moment. When my mood is better I will most likely be able to let this issue go and just enjoy this for a quick read with hopefully some good kisses! Now with all this intro being said let’s talk about the book and the trope!

The Man Who Sleeps Around a lot and The Good Girl/Virgin

Rule by Jay Crownover


Now before my rant begins I want to be safe in saying that I know guys like this exist. Who are considered the player/ bad boy and I’m not saying there isn’t an appeal to them. I mean just looking at the cover model come on those blue eyes lure me in. (I’m a sucker for blue eyes…) That being said this trope is getting overused A LOT especially with the new genre of New Adult. I still consider it new because it’s only been around a few years. Yes I do believe you can fall for the good guy underneath, but the good girl being pulled to it constantly is getting a little much for me. I believe as much as I love book boys that they should try more to find the day to day guy. I believe books like this can teach the more naive readers the wrong message and can lead to unreasonable expectations. We love a bad boy, but when you open with him in bed with a girl yelling at him for being rude. It is a little bit of a turn off. I hope I don’t sound too snobby, but it wasn’t what I was hoping for to get my mind off of things.

Anywho bookworms that is all for this short little rant. Sorry, I guess I ran out of steam and got a bit tired… Are there any tropes for you in this genre that are wearing on you, or are you tired of this one too? Let me know down below. If you know any good new adult/romance without instalove as well I am all for suggestions. Make sure to leave a comment and let me know. I’m always up for a good chat! Happy reading!


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