Writing Wednesday: Musings on Fiction Leading into Love Expectations

Writing Wednesdays

Hey bookworms! It’s me again and since it’s Wednesday I thought it would be a good time to introduce my new blog feature: Writing Wednesday! This feature will be a chance for me to talk about my own writing musings and though they can link to the books I read it is more so a chance to talk about what I want to incorporate into my own writing. There will also be poems posted and my work in progress as well. Being in a reading slump I figured while I struggle with that these posts would be easier to write and schedule… I am a bit nervous to share a part of my life that I consider intimate, but I have been wanting to for a bit, so I hope you enjoy! Feedback is more than welcome in this feature: positive or negative as long as it’s constructive!

Musing: Fiction Building How I See Love

Now I am gonna be honest this post idea actually started with my tweets on Twitter Monday:

Now I do admit there was a few grammar mistakes I know, but twitter doesn’t make those things easy to avoid… With so much uncertain in my life it has made me think of love in general. What I want to write when it comes to characters falling in love, how other authors have continued to spur me on to wanting to write love as such, and what it makes me want out of a relationship and love. I’m 23, and still naive when it comes to love and honestly I haven’t had the best examples and role models in the love department growing up. All I had were my books and movies. Now don’t get it twisted I was never one for insta-love, and my disability has made more aware as well as cautious when it comes to giving my heart away and even trusting. That being said I want my writing and love interests to involve: growing with someone, falling for a best friend because honestly as much as I believe in fate I do NOT believe in love at first sight. I want to write someone with flaws both physical and otherwise. To have a reader see that when my heroine falls for someone it isn’t just because they are amazingly attractive it is because they connect. It is because they took the time to be persistent and gain the trust of my main character or even me. I don’t want the love to be the key in the story, but I do want the love interest to play a key role on his own vital to the story. Now although I don’t believe I will write contemporary literature myself I want to take a page from the couples in books of authors Cecelia Ahern or even David Nicholls. One day reminds me that timing can eventually fall into play.

If You Could See Me NowOne Day

For couples tied by fate I want to take lessons from Erin Morgenstern from The Night Circus who both worked on their goals and because they were both in this game and got to see how each other worked that is what prompted their fall. It was intrigue and not just love at first sight.

The Night Circus

As far as paranormal and finding your partner and someone to challenge you. Someone who is passionate and loyal. Who even if you’re unsure they never are. They remain unwavering in what they see in you. They don’t try to change you but embrace you. Just like in my favorite novels from Kelley Armstrong and Annette Curtis Klause.

BittenBlood and Chocolate

Honestly I get sick of seeing “perfect” book boys because I believe it sets unrealistic expectations. Muscles and perfect hair are nice, but a nose that may not fit his face can become endearing or hell even sexy. Love is what truly makes someone attractive. I just don’t want girls to see themselves as plain to be found “beautiful” by the gorgeous bad boy.

The important thing for me as a writer, reader, and a girl looking for a possible “forever”. Is exposing yourself and them to you. Seeing eachothers scars, the good, the bad, the ugly, the dorky, and still wanting them at the end of the day. Someone to help you reach your goals while still reaching or trying to find their own. I believe it can happen. I believe I can write that and want to. I just need to push myself to finish. I do believe in having one first love and one other half, but it does not mean you can’t love again. That is what these books have taught me, but most of all to love without regret because at the end of it all they were a reason for the way you shone and unwrapped a part of you that that you may not have known otherwise. I don’t know where my love life is at the moment, but I believe if I keep believing in these things that even when I have dark moments that it will show me that I can still write and believe in love.

One of my first quotes about love I ever wrote was, “I want a love that will make fairytales jealous” I still think about that quote when I am unsure and to keep my hope. The reason they would be jealous is because it’s not perfect, but it’s real. It’s messy, not always easy, there are ups, downs, moments of feeling lost, but there is also fun and laughs and adventures. I don’t want to write, live, or read something I don’t believe in.

Well that is all for now bookworms! What did you think about this musing? What were books that influenced your ideas of love, or have books never played a part? What love trope in writing are you sick of seeing? There are more couples and authors I could go on about, but as I’m writing this it is getting late. So please let me know in the comments down below if you want to see more of this feature! Happy Reading!


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