It’s My Blogaversary: I Made It A Whole Year!!!


Hey bookwoorms!!! Guess what?! It is my blogaversary!!! *starts humming a song a tune similar to happy birthday* It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already (by the way counting this from my first post). That I have 200 followers and that people are actually reading my stuff. My thoughts about shows, movies, books, and soon my writing! That being said this journey although sometimes a little nervewracking has been more than rewarding! So with that being said I want to give you all things in a group of 5: 5 things I’ve learned from blogging, 5 things I’ve gained, 5 of my favorite posts I’ve written, and last but not least my 5 posts I hope to be able to write/want to write more of in the year to come,So I hope you all enjoy this post!

5 Things I’ve Learned From Blogging

  1. How to develop an idea into words: Now this one may seem odd because I have wanted to be a writer and have been writing for a long time, but my biggest problem was and is finishing. At least with blogging I have learned to fully develop an idea.

2. It’s okay to reach out and ask for help: Now we can take this on an emotional level or a simple blogger level. I have never been the most tech savvy and always get embarrassed to ask for help, but blogging being a technical format it is okay not to be the best. It is okay to ask for help whether it to other bloggers or just  the help section in wordpress. We were all beginners at some point

3.Don’t force it: Now that this is not a class assignment I can say this. Don’t force it! Whether it is writing a blog post or just your voice when blogging. If you’re week has been a little chaotic and you don’t have the energy to post it’s okay! (Advice I am still trying to learn to follow). Your voice is everything you have when it comes blogging just relax and don’t hold back or you’ll end up sounding stiff. Your voice is what pulls people into read.

4.Social Media Can Be Your Friend: Used in day to day life social media can often be a negative platform, but when you’re joining a community it is often the biggest source of promotion, to know how, to finding your niche. I really wasn’t a twitter person before blogging and now I am on at least a few times a day. So whether it is twitter/pinterest/or instagram take the next step and take the plunge you never know how you’ll could grow or who you’ll meet!

5. Commenting is Key: We all joined to be part of something bigger. Especially we as book bloggers, we joined to share our opinions on books. So even if you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion on a book put maybe what you didn’t enjoy or how you may have enjoyed their view. We could all do with that encouragement and if someone comments on your blog return the favor on their’s you could make someone’s day!

5 Things I’ve Gained from Blogging

  1. Friends: Yes I’ve made friends with a special few of you and even more of them through social media!
  2. Support: I’ve gained support through the hardest times in my life and also support in my writing!
  3. Confidence: Just by comments and views and even through awards I’ve become more confident in my writing and voicing my opinions
  4. New Ways To Read: Whether it’s through readathons, buddy reads, or Netgalley and gaining ARCs I have found new and interesting ways of reading versus the solo way before. Reading has now more than ever made me feel part of something bigger
  5. A Bigger TBR: Whether it’s seeing books on your TBR’s to your waiting on Wednesday. I gain more books on my ever growing TBR and honestly have no shame in it!

My 5 (okay 6) Favorite Posts

  1. My Werewolf Recommendation Post: There are not enough wolf or werewolf supporters in the reading realm, so this was my time to shine!
  2. My top Books of 2014: It really made me think and push myself to beat the clock!
  3. My Book BFF Tag: My first try at a tag because I wanted to emphasize books with solid friendships and encourage readers to find them
  4. Character Chatter: This was my first time participating in BEA and maybe next time I will get to go to the actual event!
  5. My Age of Adeline Review&My Nostalgic Anime Craving Post: These posts helped me decide that I wanted this blog to be about ever storyline I enjoy!

5 Things I Hope to Be Able to Write/Write More Of and Do Next On My Blog in the Next Year!

  1. Write More Reviews: I really want to get more confident in doing this plus I feel it can help recognize the flaws in my own writing.
  2. Interview an Author: This goes hand and hand with the reviews, but I’ve only “interviewed” one author and sadly he wasn’t exactly living when I did it. I communicate with a few on Twitter and I would die to either interview Jodi Meadows who has made my day on twitter various times and wrote my favorite book of the year or Cecelia Ahern whose books helped nurse my heart! I want to be creative andshow off why these people are my rockstars!
  3. Host a Giveaway: I plan to do this as soon this as soon as I have the money to because you guys are all so great and I’m dying to repay you even if it’s in a small way
  4. Get A Domain Name&Update my Blogger Picture: Honestly another thing I want to do as soon as I get a job and maybe increase my plan to be able to do more on here for you all and maybe be easier for you all to find me! I really need a new bookish picture because that one embarrassingly is from my Senior Pictures almost 6 years ago!!! >///<
  5. Go to a Book Festival (That Doesn’t Take Place Here)&Utilize Instagram: As mentioned above I’ve made great friends through blogging and I want to be able to have a meetup. I want to use my better phone to capture these memories

And one extra: I want to inspire you all. Not just because I have a disability I want to make a difference with my words and maybe build somebody else’s confidence to take the plunge with blogging or writing. This blog is to show the real me and that you are more than what holds you back. It may be a smaller obstacle than you think!

Well that is all for now bookworms! I hope I didn’t overwhelm you all with all this gushing, but I was excited to share this day with you! It is something to celebrate that I didn’t give up and kept going. I plan to blog well into the forseeable future. Thank you all my followers and friends for reading this post and staying with me through my blunders and hard times. You have made this wolf girl feel like she has a pack again! Well I hope this post isn’t up too late and you all enjoy the upcoming weekend! Happy Reading!


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