Writing Wednesday: Broken Shell


Hey bookworms! I decided since I’m unsure of how busy my week will be this week to schedule a post. So this will be my first poem on my Writing Wednesday Feature. I am a little nervous to have my writing up for you all to see, but I want to try and be brave like I am trying in this period of my life. Write now writing is a form of therapy for me at the moment to let my fingers write the words and fears that are clogging my mind and heart. So like I said in the previous post feedback is very much appreciate positive and negative as long as it’s constructive, and I hope you enjoy this poem!

Broken Shell

Stuck inside a broken shell…
With hands to that struggle,
And feet that stumble,
Balance off and like a marionette with tangled strings,
But wondering who will truly stay and see…
The eyes that are dark and deep which shine with mystery.
Or the full pink lips that hold the brightest smile,
And a witty tongue
Soft hair that hides a gentle cherubic face
Even with knees that lock her legs go on for miles..
Soft and addicting even at their odd angles
She has smarts, passion, and loyalty
A giggle that can bring others to smile…
But all they stop to see is the broken shell
Will anyone stop to treasure keep and love a broken doll that deserves to and only wants to love her fullest in return?

So bookworms I hope you enjoy, I’m sorry it may not be the happiest poem to start with! I just thought the fresher the poem the easier it will be to take feedback. Hope you all are having a good week so far and Happy reading!


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