Book Talk: Opinions Bookworms please!! What Makes a Bookworm?

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Hey bookworms sorry I haven’t been on in a while, but I am back for tonight! The reason I’m back tonight is I have a question to ask you about. One that I am extremely curious about what other people define the term we so lovingly use and I really hope I don’t offend anyone by asking or my own opinions. Well first let me give you some context of my random curiousity before I ask it. Tonight I was studying in the living room and my sister was on the phone and telling who she was talking to she is a bookworm.. I resisted my snarky comment and kept it in my head. Now that my midterm is done I can freely talk about this.

Now before you think of me harshly I have always been competitive especially with my siblings. Whether it’s the one I live with or the ones that are from my dad’s side. We’re all known as something. Me I have always been the good girl bookworm who loves her sarcasm. My sisters have always been the boy crazy, loud, makeup lovers. My youngest teen sibling nearly 18, the one who was on the phone has recently gotten into reading on her kindle, but only one genre which she devours and refuses to give anything else a try even the sub-genres… I’ll give you a minute to think about what genre she is into given her age and the description of her personality I gave… *waits and watches The Originals* Points if you guessed contemporary New Adult! Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy the genre on occasion as well, but lightly along where as my other favorite genres are heavily blended. She has other books in her closet lent by a classmate of other genres that she still hasn’t touched.

So my question is for you bookworms: What in your opinion defines a bookworm? Can you be one if your only devouring one genre? Do you get to have that title right away or does it take time? What do I believe it is? I believe it is being willing to try new genres maybe not every, but being willing to try at least a few. It’s about being able to find meaning in a book not just the love in it. It’s about separating fiction and reality, but also knowing that sometimes life isn’t like that. I believe a bookworm has many facets and because of their love for one genre will make them curious for what others say whether it’s a sub-genre of that genre or another genre entirely! That is my opinion so please let me know yours I am truly curious! So leave your opinions down in the comments because I love to talk! Happy reading!


13 thoughts on “Book Talk: Opinions Bookworms please!! What Makes a Bookworm?

  1. I think I’m leaning more on the side of feeling that one has to be willing to read multiple types of books to truly be considered a bookworm. Everyone starts somewhere, but I’ve been protective of the term “bookworm”, as it’s always described me so well. It’s hard to let others claim it if they don’t want to give any other types of books a try. I don’t think there is any shame in not liking certain types of books, but you never know if you don’t try!

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  2. When I was younger I was much more protective of the word “bookworm” but now I think it can describe a large variety of people. I’ve always associated it with people who love, and have a passion for, reading. They may read one book a year, but they still love it and that’s all that matters. And I don’t see anything wrong with sticking with genres you really like to read. Again, I think if that’s what you love then no one should tell you to try to read something else. The beauty of reading is that people can enjoy SO many different things!

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  3. Interesting topic! 🙂 I think if you’re a bookworm if you think that you love books. I think you can be one even if you just devour one genre (no matter how annoying that is). I know plenty of people who only read classics/YA and they’re bookworms.

    We could almost categorize bookworms…
    Classicovores 😀

    I think title comes as soon as you yourself think you deserve the title or start feeling like a bookworm (?bookworm feelings?)

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