December 2015 Book Challenge Day 3: An Author that Enticed Me to be A Queen


Hey bookworms I am back for Day 3 (click for Days 1& 2)! I am on a small roll and hoping I can keep it going especially with finals next week… Onto the post the lovely banner and challenge was created by Annreads on Instagram! I am excited to gush on this post, so I hope you’re ready!

Day 3: An Author that Made Me Want to Devour More of Her Words

Jodi Meadows

(Image Borrowed from her Website Taken By: Housden Photography)

It’s Jodi Meadows Yes if you follow me on Twitter or even on my blog I have gushed about this author quite a bit this year. I met her last year at The Las Vegas Valley book festival and I was so excited and happy to have her sign my book! She has on more than one occasion made me smile on twitter. She is truly an author that cares for her readers and for me that draws me to an author more. Although I didn’t start with the book she signed for me, Incarnate (I didn’t want to hurt it by reading it, so I recently bought an e-book of it for a later date), I read The Orphan Queen  (5 out of 5 stars!)by her and fell in love.

The Orphan Queen

Honestly she gave me a heroine that broke the mold for me in YA not only in looks, but through attitude as well. She made it a double whammy when our main male protagonist remained a mystery and masked. So the reader did not fall in love with his looks nor his rank in life whether it be a thief, prince, or Shopkeeper, but for his personality. The way he kept up with the main heroine. Once I started to see the characters personalities I was sucked into the world with them. I fall most for characters that feel real through their personality. Like I could fall into the book and have an intriguing conversation or hell even an argument with them. This book reminds me why I keep writing and what I love about writing. The people in the book! It also made me wish my hands would work well enough for me to be able to write with a calligraphy pen! The best part about this amazing author is she agreed to let me interview her (which I will be emailing her about once I have questions together and get done with finals) She reminded me that even when it all seems bleak we can still find strength. There is always something to fight for and in fighting for yourself unexpected things can wait for your heart. She is an author I aspire to be like if I ever  can let go of my characters enough to write the end of their book, so I can start the next. She has made my day and made me smile when I’ve needed it on twitter. One thing I love about social media is we can connect with our Rock Stars like Ms. Jodi Meadows. If you haven’t read this book or follow her on Twitter I recommend it!

Well I’ll stop my gush here for now bookworms! I have to go finish watching a film for class… Who is your new favorite author? What were your thoughts on this book? Have you used social media to connect to your favorite authors? Comment down below and let me know as always I love to talk! Happy Reading!



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