December Book Challenge 2015: Days 7&8: Favorite Girl and Favorite Sequel


Hey bookworms! I survived finals and I am done with my final semester of University! I have earned my Bachelor’s of Arts in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing! I just will receive the diploma in 2 months or so. I chose not to walk for personal reasons, but trust me I will walk when I get my Master’s. I just have to pick a few back-ups, save money, research. I am proud to be the first in my immediate family to do this, but that does make the second half a little more difficult and complicated. Now I am just waiting for my grades to go through and starting the job process part of being an adult, but that is a topic for another day. Tonight my friends is a night where we see how far I can get in this challenge that I am so far behind in!

Day 7: Sometimes the First Isn’t Always the Best

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer


This may be cheating because it’s a reread for me, but I haven’t read many sequels this year and I don’t want to repeat too many books in this challenge. Although I do like the first book some of my favorite characters get introduced in this book and had me laughing too. The characters gave me hope to heal my broken heart a bit. The reread via audiobook made me laugh more if that was possible,but this is my favorite out of the primary trilogy.

Day 8: The Fictional Female That I Wish Was My BFF

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor


Is my soul sister in fiction form. Smart, tiny, sarcastic, and the absolute best friend in the world! She was a comic relief when I needed it the most. Listening to the audiobooks had me laughing out loud on the way to class. If you are scared to tackle the width of these books I really recommend these as audio books you will not regret it!

Well bookworms that is it for this post and I will be spending the rest of the night scheduling posts until I get sleepy. Any who which has been your favorite sequel read of the year? What about your favorite female character you wish were real? Are you doing any challenges this month link me them down below and let me see! Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “December Book Challenge 2015: Days 7&8: Favorite Girl and Favorite Sequel

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