December Book Challenge 2015 Days 11&12: Something a Little Different and a Character that Made the Journey


Hey Bookworms! So after my easy sleep last night I’ve decided to blog when it’s close to bed for me because with school being done I have a problem with having easy access to being physical in the day, so making my brain tired is a good trade off for now! In case you haven’t read Day 1: This Challenge was created by Annreads on Instagram! So with that being said let’s get into this post and then scheduling my next.

Day 11: A Unique Read

Julie and Julia by Julie Powell

Julie and Julia

Now the reason why I chose this book as my unique read is because it’s a unique read for me. I am not a big nonfiction reader and this was my first memoir. I really did love this listen probably more so than the movie. Now as an audio book I did have an issue with some of their music choices, but this was a funny and light read. It is definitely a great way for newer bloggers (which I still consider myself to be) to pay homage to the beginning and start of this universe we inhabit. It has great quotes that I could definitely relate to and makes me realize that we were all new at some point. Really a great read especially if you’re on the fence about becoming a blogger or starting a project!

Day 12: Best Character Development

The Bloodline Series by Richelle Mead

Adrian Ivashkov


Okay, so I mean I may be a little biased, Adrian being my first book boy friend (I let him go for his love in these books! I approve!), but I believe he truly did grow. He tried new things, made new friends, faced his demons, and just grew as a man all together. I don’t want to say more because I don’t want to spoil any of the books, but I’m as proud of him as I would be of someone in the real world!

Well that is all for now Bookworms! What book was a unique read for you this year? Which character do you believe developed the most for you? Have thoughts on these books? Let me know in the comments down below! Happy Reading!


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