December Book Challenge 2015 Day 26: My Most Read Genre!


Hey Bookworms! Hope you’re recovering from the Holiday’s okay or if you celebrate Boxing Day that you’re enjoying the down time! If you didn’t know this post was created by the lovely Annreads on Instagram and you should really check out her beautiful pictures! I did get a post done amidst the Christmas Chaos (as well as a tag), so if you’re curious to see click the link. Now before I start with this post I’ll be honest and say I am unsure if I was going to be able to even write this post but luckily I was able to get some help! So let’s get started and I will tell you about it.

Day 26: Most Read Genre

This post wont have pictures because I cant really post a picture of the stack of them, but this post was able to get done with the help of my Book BFF Paige helped me separate my books into genres. She counted them all for me when I got overwhelmed by even how to tackle what was which! So thanks to her smarts we were able to figure it out! *drumroll* The first place went to Graphic Novels and Manga with a total of: 46

Contemporary/Chick Lit/YA with:41

I definitely branched out with reading more contemporary and Chick Lit this year and finding a new favorite author. I really do hope to keep branching out and trying new genres in 2016!

Well that’s all for this post bookworms! What genre did you read most this year? Did you branch out with a genre you don’t normally read? Let me know in the comments and have a good weekend! Happy Reading!

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