A Quick Bout of Book Day 3 Update


Hey bookworms I thought since I didn’t get to update you on day 3. I thought I’d do so right now. I explained my absence on My Belated Top 5 Wednesday, so if you’re curious or looking for more to read feel free to give it a click! I’ll just get straight into what I finished reading.

Books I Read:

The Heir by Kiera Cass

The Heir

Being a reread with space between the first read, and an audio book listen it definitely changed my rating of the book to a 4 into a 4.8! Expect a review soon!

Teen Titans Earth One Vol 1 by by Jeff Lemire, Terry Dodson (Illustrator)

Earth One Teen Titans

5 out of 5 stars! I definitely adored this origin story, but it’s killing me to have to wait for the next because it doesn’t seem to have a second one out at the moment. It’s art work was definitely my style, but talk about a cliff hanger!

Well Bookworms that is it for this little update! How did you do with your reading yesterday? Have you read these books? Let me know in the comments. Happy Reading!


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