Belated Top 5 Wednesday: My Fandoms!

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Hey bookworms! Hope your week is going well it’s almost Friday for those of you who are back at work and school. I know this post is a day late, but I had a friend over for a movie binge, and then after the rain makes it difficult to type… So anywho for those who don’t know Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly feature hosted by Ginger Reads Lainey. If you want to read my first one before I jump into this next topic feel free to click the link. This topic will let you know a bit more about me if you’re new to my blog. It’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite thing: Fandoms! Now this was a hard topic and I really hope it’s okay I added games to the list, but there will be Honorable Mentions after I talk about my top 5. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Wednesday: My Fandoms

I’m a:

Disney Freak/Disney Girl!

Disney Logo


Fire Emblem Fangirl

Guys I hope you guys won’t get too annoyed with my fangirling. I will probably be doing so until it’s release until February 19th.

VA (Vampire Academy) Lover

3. A Potterhead


(Image found on Google)

Is there really a bookworm who isn’t. This one was probably on everyone’s list!

4. A Oncer


March seems so far away, but maybe it will air near my birthday!

5. Part of the Bitten Wolf Pack!

Bitten logo

The show that tempts me to move to Canada sooner than I’m ready to. I’m sad that this show is ending with this last season. I know there 13 books to make into seasons is a bit unrealistic, but with the perfect wolf casting I can’t help wanting more.

I’m Also:

A Whovian

Basically Run

Yes I may worship the Blue Box a bit!

A Pokemon Freak

(Need to fix images )

#noshame Don’t get me wrong I’m by no means a master, but the games and franchise will always have a special place in my heart. As long as they keep releasing games I’ll keep playing. As for Favorite Pokemon: It’s a tie between quite a few!

(Images Found on google!)

Can you guess my favorite type? ;P

A Digidestined


If I’m honest I love Digimon more than Pokemon though after the 3rd season I hated what they did to it. Digimon in season 2 was the first show I remember showing a portrayal of Depression in Kari and gave me hope letting me know I wasn’t alone. I am excited for the continuation with the original destined, but I am a little nervous over the fact they are making them into movies.

A Selectioner

Honestly I have no shame in loving these books and roll my eyes at people calling it their guilty pleasure because it’s bad. You shouldn’t feel guilty for loving a series, and honestly I don’t find it bad because it combines historical elements of a monarchy. The only difference is our main characters don’t let their parents totally choose their match. These books goes back to a time when in society that seems realistic for these books. Think of Pride and Prejudice or watch the Young Victoria. I really do adore these books

Lastly, but Definitely Not Least


This is my childhood and my later adolescence. It is also my college experience. I adore these characters and scoff at people that say Corey and Topanga are unrealistic besides the way they fell in love. They had ups and downs, they broke up, they fought, they grew together and learned to love as best friends into more. I also watch the spin off just to see them older and adore it. I have no shame in owning these DVD’s

Well bookworms there are more fandoms, but I don’t want to overwhelm you all! I had another, but Soph barked and made me forget it. Do you do this feature? Are you part of any of these fandoms? Comment and we can fangirl/boy together! Happy Reading, Watching, and Playing!


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