The 2016 Audiobook Challenge: The Challenge that Feeds My Current Addiction!


(Image borrowed from Challenge Page)

Hey Bookworms! Guess what I found another challenge to join! This challenge feeds my newest form of devouring books! Now this challenge is hosted by the bloggers, The Book Nympho and Hot Listens. For this challenge you pick a range/ title you want for the year. I’ve had trouble deciding because right now I have no clue how much I will be able to spend, what the library will have, or how many books Scribd will choose from their monthly selects that I will enjoy… So I will go with the lower number and if I hit the top end of it I will switch to the higher! I will let you all know if I do. Hopefully that won’t count as cheating but audiobooks are my favorite so my count will probably be a lot. That being said I’m aiming for: Binge Listener (Why Read when Someone can Do It for You) which is 20-30 books! I am confident I can reach that since I am close to finishing my second listen of the month. If I do beat that the next step up would be My Precious (I had my earbuds surgically implanted/ or in my case I am working on inventing a neverevending for my speaker and phone…) which is 30+. Yes I may go a little challenge crazy but this challenge let’s you crossover from your other ones towards your count. Partially this challenge is to feed my current addiction!

Well Bookworms that’s all for this post! What challenges are you joining? Are you doing this challenge or are you interested in this one? What’s your goal for it? Are you an audio book addict or have you never tried them? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments! Happy Reading!





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