My First Swoony F/F Read of 2016: Under the Lights by 2016 (Slight Spoilers)

Hey bookworms! It’s finally time for my first non ARC review of 2016! I know it has been a bit, but with the move I’ve discussed why they didn’t happen earlier. So hopefully you all can forgive me, and we can get on with my raving my love about this book!

Under the Lights

Under the Lights (Daylight Falls #2) by Dahlia Adler

Publisher: Spencer Hill Press

Publishing Date: 30 June 2015

Format: E-Book

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Opening Thoughts:

Seriously nothing spurs you on more when reading a book than meeting the author. Honestly I was struggling with the first 20 pages, because I wanted to get to the part implied from the cover and summary! Honestly hearing Dahlia fangirl herself over those implied parts herself and saying you can skip other parts to get to the good stuff ^_~ Honestly this book even though I gave it a 4.5 out of 5 stars is one of my favorite of 2016! Well let’s get this started explaining why it got a 4.5 before raving about the good stuff. So let’s get started.

The Stuff I Struggled With:

1. The Dual Perspective: Yes although it works in other YA/New Adult Novels it usually works better when the perspective is the love interest. In this case it wasn’t it was a good tool to see their relationship building it did drag the book quite a bit.

2. Could’ve Been Two: Yes although Josh’s perspective wasn’t necessarily needed I definitely think with the dual perspective it made me want more. I want to know more about Josh especially with how the book was left!

Before Continuing: SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

Things I’m Still Fangirling Over!:

1. How it Helps: Honestly Vanessa’s experience  and even Bri’s story can help so many out there and I wish this was out ten years when I was struggling. This story let’s you know it’s okay to love who you love and just because you’ve loved one gender doesn’t mean you couldn’t love another. It also has positive messages about body image and although it’s small it really helped me because even at 24 I struggle with this a lot.

2. The Flirting:  Whether it’s the before or after the flirting in this book is absolutely freaking the best thing in the world. I found myself reading over the lines repeatedly.

3. The Kisses and More: First off let me put it out there Dahlia writes the best girl on girl kisses that I’ve ever read. She has now set my bar really high because it made me swoon on a whole another level. Continuing on from that with a squeal/very blush worthy scene was Van’s first time! Sex is depicted a lot in YA at least the straight kind. It is almost taboo to see girl’s explore. I am ever so grateful that Dahlia did because as I said above it needs to be known it’s okay. Sex is not dirty no matter the gender of your partner especially when shared with someone you deeply care for.


My Final Thoughts:

If you’re running low on F/F fiction to read like most of the world is I definitely recommend picking up, Under the Lights, it is definitely worth it once you get past the first 20-30 pages. I honestly believe Dahlia is one of the authors the world has needed for a while. She brings attention to a subject that doesn’t  get written about enough and she definitely does it genuinely! I hope she keeps going forever!!

So bookworms I hope you stuck around to the end of this review and enjoyed it. I’m still new at the reviewing part of blogging, so if you have any critiques let me know! If you have any other F/F recs feel free to let me and other readers know. Have you read this book what were your thoughts? Comment and let me know please! Happy reading!


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