Belated Top 5 Wednesday: My Top 5 Buzz Words

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Hey Bookworms! I know this one is late again, but I am in the middle of switching banner designers. So it’s been a lot of communicating and trying to figure out what’s best for my blog. This time around though I know I can trust the person more than anything because I’ve been best friends with her forever and we’re gonna both going to help each other grow creatively, so I hope you guys are ready for a new look. I am still going to use most of the banners I have already and keeping my signature, but I’m ready to branch out with a new creative partner.

Any who onto what this blog is supposed to be about! Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly feature was created by Ginger Reads Lainey. This week’s Topic was the Top 5 Words that are guaranteed to make you pick up a book whether it’s in the summary or if you glimpse it on the cover before you pass it by. Now some of these words won’t be a shock if you’ve been with me for a while, but it’s nice to have a list lying about! So let’s get to it!

My Top 5 Buzz Words

1. Wolves/Werewolves

Seriously if you haven’t guessed by my signature I will forever be a wolf girl. They are my main writing subject. They are strong, beautiful, and loyal creatures. The way they can work alone, but are even stronger around people they can trust is the best. The way they love is the best since they are one of the few animals that mate for life and know when they’ve found their perfect counter part.

2. Retellings (But Especially Peter Pan)

Honestly Peter Pan will forever be my favorite fairy tale, but I love the creativity it takes to twist a story and make it your own.

3. Mythology

Any sort of mythology is a sure fire way to get me to pick up to buy a book!


Honestly besides wolves these were the first thing I was attracted to as a young reader. Maybe it was their powers, or their foretold small stature. Maybe it was the wish to have some sort of power that made me wish I was a changeling.

5. Reincarnation

Major appeal and maybe because part of me has always been hopeful I have lived a life before this one, or that if there is a next one I can do all the physical sports and activities my body dreams of like Gymnastics or Dancing.

Honorable Mentions

Superpowers/ Superheroes/Super Heroines

Honestly I’ve been an X-Men fan since I was old enough to be allowed to watch them either with an adult or on my own. I am still hoping my mutant gene will kick in one day and I have my name set! No shame!


I’ve always been intrigued by Twins because of my secret wish to be one when I was little. If you have the same interest I recommend checking out the Documentary Twinsters on Netflix


Anything involving royalty that you throw at me it’s almost guaranteed that I will devour it!


To be able to give up my shell and turn into something else to get out of my head would be amazing! I have a soft spot for animals.

Girl Love

Although I’m for the LGBT Community as a whole I fill like Female Romantic relationships are under represented in YA lit. I still wonder why, but am hoping maybe one day that will change!

Well that is all for this list and trust me it can go on a bit more. Another way to pull me into a book is if I find out the main character plays a violin or cello! My weakness for how I miss orchestra… So what are your buzzwords? Do we have any that match up? Do you have any recommendations that fit mine? Did you do the Top 5 Wednesday topic this week? Comment or link it down below to let me know! I love to talk! Happy Reading!


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