Book Talk: It’s Not Me… It’s You… A Genre I’m Breaking Up With

book talk

Hey Bookworms! Hope your weekend is going well! Mine is okay, but I’m more than ready for January to be over. It definitely has been weird not be in school right now hence making it one of the longest months of my life! Any who this current topic has been on my mind for a few days… We all know our taste buds change every seven years. Other tastes of ours are bound to change! This of course is going to switch over to our taste of books. Maybe it’s temporary, maybe it’s permanently, but we won’t know until we take a break from said genre? So which Genre am I breaking up with for a bit?

Breaking Up with the Dystopian Genre for a Bit

So I’ve been noticing I’ve been lately that I’ve been having small annoyances that have been building up as I’ve been reading books from this genre. As I was starting another one that has gotten a lot of hype and my innocent thought was, ‘Maybe this one won’t have any of the previous pet peeves…’ Well I was right about that one as I was starting it, but it did have a new one… A 15 year old main character in a dystopian world leading the action. Now you may be ask? Chantal which book is it that made you bristle?

Legend by Marie Lu


So as you all know I avoid a book when it first comes out with hype because I don’t want to be spoiled or be pulled into it. I started this book as an audio book from Overdrive and was contentedly listening to it until mentioning of age made me pause. The main heroine was 15!!! If I knew how to make that number bigger I would to emphasize my shock! Now I get that YA means young adult which usually consists of the 15-18 age range. For a dystopian world it worried me that a 15 is the main one we take this journey with and although it generally follow my rule of thumb of my expectations of teens in these world: which is acting more mature because you have to get things done. But 15 made me very uncomfortable to follow. I’m not saying I won’t give it a shot still because I already started it, but I needed a break so I started another audio book.

Now my other issue is as mentioning above is breaking the rule said above. Acting too much like a teenager as a characters world breaks apart. Like Insurgent or even my other current read:

Salt&Stone by Victoria Scott

Salt and Stone

Letting petty teenager things are definitely getting in the way with these books. Although I don’t know if it’s a Dystopian completely, but it’s still a life or death type situation. The characters are getting too wrapped up in teenager-y things. Like worrying about how another contender feels about them or flirting. Sometimes I literally have to overcome the urge to want to shake them and tell them to stay focused. When someone is depending on you put the BS aside and you push. I don’t know my maturity expectation for these teens in these worlds are higher than if it was a contemporary in modern days.

Now this doesn’t mean I am going to unhaul my dystopian books, but I won’t be buying any new ones for any time soon. The darkness of these books aren’t fitting my need for brightness lately. Another reason why I need a break. I don’t know if it’s forever but who knows maybe in a few years or so my curiosity for them will be rekindled like my love for chicken fingers! But for now I need fantasy or worlds that aren’t my own that faced disaster.

Well bookworms that’s it for this post. Now, those aren’t my only issues with this genre, but they’re the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. Do you have any issues with this genre? Are they the same? Different? Are there any genres you need a break from? Feel free to comment down below and let me know! Happy reading!


12 thoughts on “Book Talk: It’s Not Me… It’s You… A Genre I’m Breaking Up With

  1. Oh, I’m sad to hear that. I absolutely loved the Legend trilogy — right from the beginning until the end of the last book. I understand your skepticism regarding the age of the MCs, but that’s because they’re more well-known in their country than pretty much everyone else — because they’re talented! June really is the SMARTEST (and most organized) heroine ever. She has more importance (and potential) than the other soldiers her age. Day has potential too, but he uses it to cause trouble against the horrible government — which makes him a favourite of the people. After what happens to them, I think their reactions are justified enough. But that’s only my humble opinion. I really hope you like the trilogy.
    Uhh… this comment got way longer than I’d planned


  2. I broke up with YA dystopian, but I still have one night stands with older books. Standalone adult dystopian novels, that is.

    YA dystopians tend to be further after the fact, how someone who has only ever known that system learns to see a different possibility and struggles to change things. Adult dystopians tend to be more about the collapse, how things got the way they are and how people adapt to survive in a world that’s changed around them. More bleak, in a way, but also sometimes with more social commentary and character nuance. (That’s how I see the differences, anyway.) It’s kept me coming back when I thought we were done.

    Dystopian and I? We have an on again/off again relationship.


  3. YES! Haha I agree with dystopians…or it seems like every YA is about dystopians and they’re good! Mostly. But yes I need a break from this genre too. Same thing happened when I tried to read all the Russian classics at once haha

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