Writing Wednesday: Devoured

Writing Wednesdays


I want to feel it again
The way it feels to be slowly devoured and devour in return.
That slow burn from not only their touch and kiss,
But from the eyes that see the sexiness in a broken shell,

But also sees the beauty of the soul and can picture the different shells it once more
To believe it once knew how to sway and draw the eyes of others from different times…
The way through devouring making each whole in a new way

The way simplicity of a hand being help could make each glow
To hands in hair pulling close letting each flow
Hearts racing and needing in turn for each second It’s enough and yet never filled

Soul to soul
Bringing hearts to life
One day I hope to devour again and glow
Taking and filling

It will be Different next time as I become a part they cannot bear lose

As this she Wolf lays in wait hoping to be one with a mate
Eyes with a glow
Fill and devour
It’s a give and take
Lust and love
Heat and Sweetness
Ice and fire



I know it may be a bit weird to post under my banner, but I didn’t want to breakup the poem. So bookworms I hope you liked the poem because I haven’t been able to write fiction lately. Poetry has help me get control of my emotions quicker and not let them get too far in control. Criticism is always welcome as long as it’s constructive! Please let me know what you thought. Happy Reading!

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