Book Talk: I’m In a Slump and I Blame Perspective! Please Help!!!

book talk

Hey Bookworms! I hope your Tuesday is going well, but it’s okay if you’re yearning for Friday like me! So bookworms this post will be about an issue I’m having and was hoping you all could help me… Β The thing is I am in another slump… I haven’t had the heart to admit it lately… So to the books I owe reviews to I am getting to it, but slowly. I honestly haven’t even turned my nook on for days… Audiobooks have been my only way to read lately… The thing is I am starting to think that along side life stresses; it has something to do with perspective! Not just my own, but the perspectives of books I’m reading.

Okay, so I’m probably sounding slightly confusing. Perspective of the book is how we follow a character as readers. It decides for us whether we’re going to be in the character’s body with them, or whether we walk along the adventure with them and like to think we have ways to help them figure things out.


1st Person:

An Ember in the Ashes

3rd Person

Harry Potter Illustrated EditionIf You Could See Me Now

The Dilemna

Now how are perspectives causing my slump? Well I feel like I’m stuck in the prior or it’s also know as first person writing. It feels like that is all there is lately. It’s starting to drive me mad to be in there heads so often! It’s been infuriating me honestly to wonder how they’re not taking some perspective themselves and see farther than their own issues. They get so wrapped up that it locks them away from other important issues of their world. It makes me feel like I would be unable to shake the character and show them there is more! There is another way to think of the issue. First person feels confining lately as it does when I’m facing my own issues. I know why I’m doing it, but I have to untangle it myself. The characters I feel since the book is condensed feels like they are taking too long to untangle. I read to escape and first person has been keeping me too much in my head while being in someone else’s.

I miss 3rd person! I feel like lately there hasn’t been enough books written in it or a close third person. I think that was why I was on an Ahern binge because I could follow/ go with the characters and kind of in my own head help them find clues. It feels like I become their friend in the book almost like I would a friend in person. I’m able to hear and witness their issues along with them.

So bookworms what I’m asking from you is some recommendations! I need some books in 3rd person. Maybe 2-5 that will give me enough of a break, so I can get back to my reviews that I owe that are in first person again. This is why I’m sending out the bookworm signal! Have any of you faced this issue or a slump due to a repeating issue in books? Let me know and please leave me some recommendations in the comments below! Even knowing I’m not alone will help! Have a good day and Happy Reading!


23 thoughts on “Book Talk: I’m In a Slump and I Blame Perspective! Please Help!!!

    • I’m a scaredy cat so I avoid Stephen King. I know that shows how much 1st person has taken over the literary world. I don’t want 3rd person to be forgotten =/ I want to read more of Wilde for sure once I have money to buy more of his stuff =)

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      • It’s funny since you pointed out how much 1st person novels there are, it’s all I can find now! I agree 3rd person shouldn’t be forgotten, it’s so good! πŸ™‚
        If you read King’s novel 11/22/63 is not scary at all & one of my favourites of his! It’s a time travel novel about the day the president was shot- so good! Wilde has really good plays, I also recommend the Ideal Husband! πŸ™‚

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