I’m Baaaack & Guess Who is Going to the RT Convention!!!

Hey bookworms! I’m finally back! We’re in the new place and although I’m still melancholy over losing my childhood home, I’m trying my best to adjust to the new place as best as I can. I’ve even made myself a small place on my dresser for a TBR pile.. That makes any room homey, right?


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But any who I have some awesome news! Guess who’s going to the RT (Romantic Times) Convention?! That’s right me!!! It will be my first convention, and I am so eagerly counting the days especially since I thought I wouldn’t get to go at all, but I am going with a friend (who I’m so grateful and excited that she is going with me) to the Teen Day: (This option includes the the Giant Book Fair (11AM-2PM). Meet 600 AUTHORS including 90 YA AUTHORS and70 NA AUTHORS and also the TEEN DAY PROGRAM that includes: The Fierce Reads Sugar Rush Reader Party, The Teen Day workshops and the Epic Reads Teen Day Party with tons of giveaways. Also goody bag to 500 lucky teens.) taking place on Saturday! On the bright side you don’t have to be a teen to attend this is where the YA authors will be present. It will be both of our first time at a convention, and it will let me know how  So I thought I’d let you all know what we will be doing and which authors we are most excited to see!

Book Fair: 11 am-2 pm Authors We’re Most Excited to See and Get Stuff Signed From!

(In no particular order just the way they’re written in my notebook)

Cecelia Ahern:

Cecilia Ahern Headshot

If you guys have been on here for a while you know she is my favorite contemporary author and the fact she is coming all the way from Ireland makes even just one day of seeing her beyond worth it!

Jodi Meadows:

Jodi Meadows

The author who told me about this marvelous event and who wrote one of my favorites last year The Orphan Queen!

Kiera Cass

dc_KieraCass_0211_final (2)

The author of The Selection Series! I hope I won’t squeal too loud when I meet her because it is my non guilty pleasure read. Yes… I would want to be America…

Andrea Cremer


Wrote this wolf lovers favorite series and even though my ship didn’t sail in her series. Her series got me through some very rough patches when it came out and even now, so I can’t wait to thank her!

Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce

The author who wrote the adventures that filled my pre-adolescence! I am so excited to meet her and thank her for writing some of my first set of female role models.

Rosamund Hodge

Rosamund Hodge

Her beautiful book Cruel Beauty stole my heart last year by featuring a heroine that admitted she had a dark side, and admitted she hated her situation, but never griped about it facing it because she had to.

Colleen Houck

Colleen Houck

Although I have met her before it doesn’t mean I am not as excited to meet her as I was the first time. Then maybe I can find my answer to see if the last book in the Tiger’s Saga will be written.

Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead

Another author I’ve already met, but she helped formed my teens! So another chance to meet her is squeal worthy every time!

Alyson Noel

Kristin Cass

Cast Author Photo 1

One half of the author duo that wrote my other non guilty pleasure and I can’t wait to thank her not only for that but the positivity she spreads through social media.

Lynsay Sands


This is the author my friend Jacquie is looking forward to meeting most and I hope it is everything she hopes it to be!

Now this isn’t saying we won’t be eager to meet other authors these are just the ones we must see!

Parties and Workshops

Now after the Book Fair there is a Party, Workshops, and then another Party to finish off what is sure to be an amazing Party! So I will leave you lovies with our Game Plan for the rest of the day!

Sugar Rush Party with Fierce Reads and Swoon Reads: 2-3 pm

Hogwarts House Cup Showdown : 3-3:45

Writing Tips and Tricks: 4-4:45 pm

YA: Humble Beginnings: Your Favorite YA Authors Share Their Teen Writing: 5-5:45 pm

and last but not least!

Teen Day Party: 6-7:30 pm

Well bookworms that is all for tonight’s post! I am as settled in as can be, so get ready to see posts 2-3 times a week! I can’t wait to be with you all again and be productive again because I missed you all! Since this is our first convention I would greatly appreciate any tips or tricks you all have! Like how many snacks to bring, is it better to use card or cash, better to bring our own books or buy them, how many blog cards to take? Let me know what you have all been up to, what’s been happening in the book blogging world and most of all what you’ve been reading? Are you going the RT Convention? Let me know in the comments down below! Happy Reading!


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