RT AMAZINGNESS Part 1: Authors, Books, and Swag!


Hey bookworms! It’s time for Part One of My RT Booklovers Convention Post! I’m sorry I  didn’t have this up sooner, but I needed two days to recover. Even if I was in my chair, I was there for 8 hours and there was so much to do in those hours! Since it was so long I thought it’d be best to split the blogs into two parts, so you guys aren’t overwhelmed with all the words. Today’s post is about the authors I was lucky enough to take pictures with and chatted with, books I bought and received, as well as swag! So let’s get started!

The Authors


I met:

Jodi Meadows

I squealed when I saw her because this amazing author has been amazing on Twitter chatting with me as well as her books being amazing! I am so glad we got to see each other and take an amazing picture! I so need a cape now! Don’t you think I pull it off so well? ;P

P.C. & Kristin Cast

These lovely ladies made sure I never felt alone in high school and it was okay to be different. Even if they did break my heart a few times in that process so yeah a picture must!

Kiera Cass

I squealed with delight and happiness when I saw her and that she had no line! I had to get a pic! Not only is she one of my favorite authors she is also super adorable because she is short like me! I had to just tell her how much I love her books and how I understand Eady now after my reread.

Dahlia Adler

OMG I thought I wouldn’t find her because I didn’t see her at the book fair, but fate brought us together at the Teen Day Party! She is one of my favorite authors to talk to on twitter she always has great recs, is funny, sweet, and encourages my sweets addiction! She gifted me with swag and I found out she watches The Originals too!

Richelle Mead

I was just so happy to snag a pic with one of my favorite authors before I left. She is lovely even though I knew she must be tired from touring. I cannot wait to pick up her next book as soon as I am able!

Who I Got to Chat With

Cora Carmack

Cora Carmack

Although I didn’t get to take a picture with her because there was only 20 minutes left at the book fair. I am glad I got to talk to her a bit and tell her how much I love her writing especially Inspire and how she inspires me. She urged me to continue on in my writing and because she has had some physical health issues that she hasn’t let stop her; I won’t let mine stop me!

Stephanie Scott

Stephanie Scott

A new Author I met for the first time at the Teen Party it was lovely to get to know her and I am very curious to read her new book and tweet to her on twitter!

and Darcy Woods

Darcy Woods

Another author I got to meet and get to know for the first time at the teen day party! She was lovely and I was so jealous of her super cute cherry dress. Her book is also one I am eager to read although contemporary is not normally my genre of choice. It takes a special one to sway me. The fact that she is mixing horoscopes into the mix definitely got my attention hope my sign makes an appearance!

Now I would’ve taken pictures with more authors, but I was trying to be mindful of the lines, time, and people. My wheelchair when stopped tended to take up a bit of room even though it was small. I regret not asking some of them most of all Cecelia Ahern, but at the very least I bought and got books signed by them!

The Books: I Brought to get Signed

Sorry if the Pics are blurry of books or signed, but I tried my best =)

The Fledgling Handbook 101


The Books I Bought and Got Signed:

Wild Magic

The Mirror King



The Inventor’s Secret


Tiger’s Quest (My Favorite book in the series)

The Free Ones


All in

The Glittering Court (Preview)

Of Fire and Stars

Bright Smoke Cold Fire


Ivory and Bone

Paper Princesss

Under Different Stars


The Great Hunt


and in case you’re wondering how big these made my paper TBR…. (Excuse my messy bedside dresser)


The Swag


I also got 2 other fierce Read totes along with everything.

So Bookworms, I think I did amazing! Long story short RT was amazing even if I only got to attend one day of it and I won’t need to go book shopping any time soon! Honestly it was something I desperately needed to go to. It definitely lifted my spirits and inspired me it was the best day of 2016 for me! I will do another post on the workshops and last party separately. Did you attend RT? What did you get? Have you read any of these? Which do you think I should start with first! Let me know in the comments down below! Happy Reading!


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