Movie Monday Discussion: You’re Hooked till They Go TOO Far… When Do You Leave?

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Hey bookworms! I hope you’re all having a wonderful start to your week! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Movie Monday, so if you don’t know what this lovely feature is: It is where I take the opportunity to either discuss or review my other favorite kind of story telling be it movie, show, or anime. This discussion actually hit me while watching a show last weekend and I wondered if any other story watchers were wondering about the same thing. Have I made you curious enough to keep reading? Well, lets get to it!

Discussion: You’re Hooked!! Until They Go TOO FAR! When Do You Stop?

Before I get started I want to say I am in no way hating on these shows and I am trying to keep plot points vague to avoid spoilers for those who aren’t caught up. These are my personal opinions on the show and I hope I don’t offend any one hard core into the fandoms.

Now for this discussion I came up with the two main points that are driving me away from shows. There could be many others but these were just the two I could come up with off the top of my head and the most relevant shows that go along with them.

Bad Things Happening to Favorite/ Good Characters!


So this whole idea for discussion started on the 1st when I watched the newest episode of Once Upon a Time. Where they not only did something to my favorite ship& character… They tore apart my feels doing it! Not the normal Β kind of ripping apart but I mean they cut open the wound, and then twisted the knife pouring salt in it. The prospect of one of my favorite characters not returning made my attention on Sunday’s episode half hearted to see if they’d follow through. It broke my trust and though I am going to keep watching (because they did fix it) the rest of this season. I’m not sure I am going to follow afterwords.

Unnecessary Plots/Never Ending Shows

The Vampire Diaries Logo

I gave this season a few episodes because I was so happy they finally had a F/F couple on the show, but after a few episodes they fell apart and the plot points became so random. I had less invested and I began wondering why it was still on. If I’m honest I feel it could’ve ended a season or two ago.I honestly feel they keep making episodes because they can, so I’ve decided to stop watching it live (although I’m still very into The Originals).

So bookworms and Story Lovers that’s all for this post for now. Have you left a fandom or stopped watching a show for any of these reasons? Did you have any others? What shows/fandoms did you leave? Let me know in the comments below and please try to be as spoiler free as possible for other readers! If you do want to go more in depth feel free to tweet or message me on Twitter my handle is @CKReads! Happy Reading and Watching!


14 thoughts on “Movie Monday Discussion: You’re Hooked till They Go TOO Far… When Do You Leave?

  1. Omg I completely agree about OUAT. I just watched the latest episode last night and I just cannot. I feel like the show is not making so much sense anymore and it’s making me sad… I don’t know if I’m going to continue watching 😦

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