Armchair BEA Day 1: Getting to Know Me!

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Hey Bookworms! It’s time for Armchair BEA! YAY! What a great thing to get my mind off of things. I did post an announcement post if you are still looking to sign up all the info is on there! So today I will be doing the Introduction post for you all to get to know me and vice versa. We are asked to answer all questions in Group 1 and 4-5 questions in Group 2! So let’s get started!

Group 1 Questions

1.  What is the name you prefer to use?

Hey Bookworms if you don’t know yet I’m Chantal and this is my blog CK’s Reading Corner! I am 24 and a recent University Grad who is trying to find a job to get to her next step in her education with Grad School. I am a little lost in my life at the moment, but that’s alright who hasn’t been at some point. Though I am lost and struggle at times books and my bookworm friends are the things that have kept me grounded.
2.  How long have you been a book blogger?
I have been blogging for a little over a YEAR now and to be honest I still feel pretty new at it. I still need to get more confident in reviewing and wanting to do collabs. What I love most about doing it is getting to chat about books, having an outlet to keep up my voice, and the community is by far the best and most supportive!
3.  Have you participated in ABEA before?
Yes I participated last year and loved it so much I had to participate again! That and I didn’t have the funds to head to Chicago, so this is a close second best!
Group 2 Questions:
1.  Do you have a favorite book? If you cannot choose a favorite book of all time, pick your favorite book today – just this second. Remember that favorites are allowed to change if something affects you deeply enough.
The Night Circus
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern! It’s is all about magic, whimsy, finding your own path and self, as well as working with and against your fate, and most importantly having something to believe in and follow!
2.  What is your favorite genre and why?
Honestly lately it’s become a tie between paranormal, fantasy, and magical realism lately. Paranormal: Was my first favorite for as long as I can remember. For the main reason of werewolves and being able to shed your skin and be something else. Fantasy: Because of my love of magic and how it always seems to return to a royal factor of some sort and embracing who you truly are whether your powers be a burden or a gift. Lastly lately Magical Realism: has been clinging to my reading cravings. It’s just the fact that it adds a bit of whimsy and possibility that we may not have expected to every day life. For this genre the author I recommend is Cecelia Ahern.
7.  What book are you most excited for on your TBR? What are you most intimidated by?
Honestly it’s a three-way tie between:
The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi
The Star-Touched Queen
The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows
The Crown by Kiera Cass
The Crown
The Book I’m Most Intimidated by on my TBR is:
Outlander by Diana Galbaldon
It’s so chunky!!!!
9.  If you could choose three characters to have lunch with, who would they be and why?

Honestly I am going through a rough time at the moment, so having my book boyfriend around would definitely cheer me up a bit ^_~

Adrian from The Bloodline Series


Yes although it may be a bit awkward having my ex-book boyfriend around Adrian’s wittiness and ideas as well as his lack of seriousness in most situations is definitely going to make me smile.

Elena from The Women of the Otherworld Series


I need her alphess attitude to keep me motivated and inspired! She would not let me give up on my hunt. She would be hard when I need someone to get at me, but supportive at well and wouldn’t let me give up.

Well bookworms that’s all for day one! What were your thoughts on my picks? Did you learn anything new about little me? Are you participating in this lovely event? Comment down below and let me know with a link! Happy Reading!


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