Armchair BEA Day 3: Beyond the Books & Beyond My Blog

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Hey Bookworms! It’s time for day 3 even though it’s a bit late I was stuck in traffic for longer than I expected. If you missed Day 2, feel free to click on it and give it a perusing.  Today’s topic is books we enjoy that differ from the form of  the normal novel and how we involve in book chatting outside of our blogs! So I’ll begin before I lose Day 3 on time.

Beyond the Mere words of a Novel

Graphic Novels/Manga

My favorite thing to go to when I need something to be quick and get my mind off of things. Whether it’s something full of action and back story, adventure, nostalgia, fluff or danger this form of reading when good can suck me in till the very last page!


The one thing I can turn to in a slump. My slumps are often caused by emotions, so hearing amazing narrators read to me let’s me sink into the world even more and forget this world’s problems even more. They have also become my addiction this year and last year.


I’ve been voraciously following comics on Line: Such as Always Human, Super Secret, and Siren’s Lament are the two I’ve been following most recently! This is my go to when I can’t sleep!

Beyond the Blog

Honestly I need to update more on Goodreads and I want to join a library book club here when I get a library card. Besides that I am good at piling books on the two reader friends I have here! So I do want to find a book community here and maybe I will..

Well that’s all for now bookworms if I want to get this up while it’s still Day 3! What is your favorite other format? Have you read any of the ones I mentioned? Who was your favorite narrator? Do you have any webcomics to recommend? Are you in a book club? Did you do day 3? Feel free to leave me a link and a comment down below! Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “Armchair BEA Day 3: Beyond the Books & Beyond My Blog

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