Book Talk: Does Your Mood Affect Your Rating?

Disclaimer: before I start I’m not looking for sympathy with this post, but a little empathy never hurts. Thank you =)

book talk

Hey bookworms! So I wasn’t planning on posting this tonight, but I feel this discussion will come out better if I post it spur of the moment and raw. I make it no secret to be honest on my blog and sometimes maybe I’m too honest… My blog and my twitter are my safe spaces though the place I’m not looked at weird for talking about books, shows, movies or even my life. So that being said if you follow me on Twitter you know I’ve been struggling with depression which is usually seasonal, add in the drama in my family which is at a high, or hits harder when I’m not occupied with school or work. Which while I’m trying to stay positive that I’ll find a job soon, the hunt hasn’t been easy.

All that being said I was thinking tonight while I was coloring and listening to an audio book (if you’re curious you can see on my Instagram). I came to the realization my mood has kept me from really falling me in love. I’ve been a little harsher in my reviews, and I have had very few five star books on my Goodreads, it has been five months into the year. I also think this is why I have putting off my most anticipated reads of 2016 because I want to enjoy them to the fullest extent.

So my question bookworm is: Does our mood affect our rating more than we’re at a good point in our lives when we aren’t jaded? Do we take it out on the book we’re reading? Honestly I feel I am. I really do want to use my books for coping, but I haven’t been able to sink in on my own… I want that Dopamine high that you get when you read a really good book! I am hoping my mood improves soon, so that I can enjoy the books the way they deserve to be. For now coloring has been a good way to turn off my brain! I definitely recommend adult coloring books if you haven’t tried them!

So bookworms I hope you enjoyed this short little book talk! I hope you’re all are doing well! Does your mood affect your rating or reading? What are your coping methods when your feeling down? Do you have a favorite coloring book that your addicted to? Please let me know in the comments down below! As always I love to talk because it makes me feel better and less alone. Happy Reading!


13 thoughts on “Book Talk: Does Your Mood Affect Your Rating?

  1. I find I can’t read if I’m in a particular mood, for example angry, or anxious (I’ve tried & it doesn’t work) Maybe you should try reading one of your most anticipated books- maybe it will make you feel better. I hope you feel better, the job hunt is never any fun, wishing you luck! 🙂

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    • Thank you I will take all the luck i can get! I think I will after I finish my current ebook 😊 This mood also has me reading too many books. Which is what I do in this funk trying to find the right book..😅

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      • Yes it is especially when I change what I’m reading depending on where I am. Paper books for outside, audiobooks for coloring, cleaning, or showering, and ebooks when it gets dark out because it’s easiest on my eyes😊 I feel silly having a system, but it works😅

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      • Haha, that sounds like a pretty good system! It’s so properly thought out. I just read hard copies because ebooks hurt my eyes, as I have sensitive eyes. I have yet to try audiobooks- I’m too obsessed with my podcasts to start audio books haha! 😛

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      • I read ebooks because my eyes are sensitive to the light at night. I turn the brightness down and turn it on night mode. Anything to keep me busy and less lonely. Audiobooks fill the quiet of the day.

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  2. My mood 120% affect my rating on books, I really can’t help it but as I’m only human, I can’t be completely objective all the time XD I try and wait a while before I review any book so that I can be fairer though.

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