Book Talk: When Do You Take Books Off Your Currently Reading Pile???

book talk

Hey Bookworms! Hope the beginning of your week is going/went well! So if you don’t know, I often have what I like to call random curiosities (questions or idea) most of the time I ask who is closest… Since this is pertaining to you all and other fellow readers, I thought I’d ask! So you ready for the question… Well if you read the title you probably already know what it is >.< When do you take books off your currently reading on Goodreads?

Normally I take things off is if I don’t have time to finish it before it needs to be returned,  or expires for free on Scribd… There are some books that do linger though and by linger… I mean MONTHS. Honestly I keep them on there in hopes that it will guilt me into picking them up somehow? Trust me bookworms, these are not long books that are lingering. They are books I could not sit still for any longer at the time whether it be because I was in a slump, it reached a slow point, or other books called to me louder. My question though is when do you officially DNF a book on goodreads (for the time being of course), or do you just let it linger like I do? Honestly I have to say it’s one of my worst habits as a bookworm… I just wanted to know what is Your process when it comes down to it?

Well that’s all for now bookworms! Sorry if this post is a bit on the short side, but that’s often how my curiosities start before they get longer… Feel free to let me know in the comments down below! Let’s share our similarities or differences with the book community! Happy Reading!

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4 thoughts on “Book Talk: When Do You Take Books Off Your Currently Reading Pile???

  1. I currently haven’t not finished a book, yet. There have been times when I’ve thought about it, but then I think about my Goodreads challenge & I force myself to finish just so I can add it. It sounds horrible & probably tedious, but that is the way I work. I can definitely be an extremist when it comes to books & finishing them.

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