Friday Reads: 6/24/2016


Hey Bookworms! It’s time for me to do another sleepy post for you all, but I really also felt the need blog. It keeps me feeling productive even when I am having a very draining week. Anywho this post is the books I will be reading this weekend, so let’s get to it!

Friday Reads

Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Quest

Yes I am still enjoying my reread of Tiger’s Quest and with the physical copy I’m taking my time to take notes and tab it. I am happy to spend time with my tiger, he makes me feel less lonely.

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma


My E-Book Read AKA my bedtime book. I feel myself very engrossed in this book and it very much has a Flowers in the Attic vibe, so if you enjoyed that book or sucked in by it you’ll have the same response here, but then again I’m only 80 pgs in.

Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan

Daughter of Deep Silence

My E Audio-Book via my Library’s App Overdrive. I listen to it in the shower and when I wake up in the morning to avoid straining my eyes. It did pull me in easy, so I’m loving it so far.

The Strange and Sorrowful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrow of Ava Lavender

My physical audiobook from the library that I’m really hoping pulls me in more as it goes along further. I am usually a huge fan of magical realism, but it’s definitely using it in a different way than I am used to, so we’ll see.

Well that’s all for tonight Bookworms! I hope you all had a wonderful Friday and have a great weekend! Do you take more time with a reread? Do you take notes more the second time? Have you read any of these books? Which were your favorites? What ones rubbed you wrong?  Do you want me to write a review on any of these? Let me know those thoughts in the comments below! Happy Reading!

PS: Wanna know what I treated myself to in June? Click the link and take a peek! =D


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