Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Books I MUST Read This Summer

T10 2

Hey bookworms! It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday! For those of you who don’t know this is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish in which we are given a theme or question in which we come up with our top ten bookish answers. Today’s topic is a freebie, so I’d thought I’d take a twist on a previous topic and talk about what books I plan to get to this summer. So let’s get started!

The Top 10 Books I Must Read This Summer

The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure by James Dashner

Yes, I am cheating, and also a bad bookworm because I have watched the first two movies first, but since the third doesn’t come out till next year. I NEED to know what happens in them! I am not the most patient person.

The Crown by Kiera Cass

The Crown

Another series I find calling to me and as soon as I am out of my slump it is in my hands I promise.

The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows

The Mirror King

Meeting her for a second time was a wonderful experience as well as this book makes me need a cloak. I am in dire need for her amazing characters as well!

My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

My Lady Jane

It’s pretty much the same reason as above and I am dying for more historical fiction as of late

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

The Glittering Court

Richelle Mead wrote it and the main character has a stunning name… Yes that is my reasoning and I don’t need more!

The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi

The Star-Touched Queen

Another sweet author though I have yet to meet her this book is calling to me especially with the Indian Mythology, plus it seems like the perfect summer read! The cover is also stunning!

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

The Joy Luck Club

Every summer needs a contemporary right? Why not do with one that will cleanse me with tears?

Broken by Kelley Armstrong


I really do promise this time that the book will get read. I swear it! This is the summer for it!

Out on Good Behavior by Dahlia Adler

Out on Good Behavior

Because I need some F/F in my life and Dahlia Adler writes the most swoony scenes EVER! Plus she is also one of my favorite people!

The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury


I had to pick at least one from my paper tbr to make me feel better on watching that pile go down. Normally I’m not a huge fan of gender-bending, but Aladdin was my favorite Disney movie when I was younger, so it’s perfect to end this list with.

Well that’s all for now bookworms! Sorry this post is going up, so late, but it is still Tuesday so it counts! Well besides a few of these books, I’d say I’m having a pretty royal themed summer, but I’m going to embrace it! What did you do for TTT or better yet what’s on your summer TBR? Have you ready any of these? Am I gonna need tissues? Let me know in the comments down below! Happy Reading!

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Books I MUST Read This Summer

    • I hope so too I’m just putting off my most anticipated book because I don’t want my mood or slump to ruin them. I’m hoping July will be a good month to read them since I’ll be back in a schedule they’ll feel more like a treat/reward!😊

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  1. I’ve definitely got My Lady Jane and The Star Touched Queen on my TBR for the summer as well! Also I’ve read The Forbidden Wish and I thought it was absolutely amazing so I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


    • I’m listening to The Scorch Trails audiobook now and am 3 hours in and I’m surprised how many liberties they’ve already taken! This is why sometimes I enjoy watching them first sometimes, it lets me enjoy them as separate entities =)


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