Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Bookish Facts About Me

T10 2

Hey Bookworms! Sorry to be missing, but currently I am going through training at my new job! I have 2 more weeks to go not including this one, but I promise this weekend to schedule posts though I am glad you all are enjoying my Potterhead July Post. Even though I have a job now, I do not want to let my blog fall to the way side. It is something I enjoy and it keeps my writing voice alive and who knows maybe on my crazy days it will keep me sane, but so far I am enjoying everything I am learning!

Anywho let’s get onto what tonight’s post is about because sadly I need to get up super early for training… Like 4 am early, so I make it there on time. Today’s post is a Top Ten Tuesday which is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish in which we are given a topic or theme and we come up with our top bookish answers! This weeks seemed fun, so I thought why not

Top Ten Bookish Facts About Me

1. I Love the Smell of New Books: Like I leaf through the pages and Inhale!

2. I Prefer E-Books to Paper: Because my hands sweat a lot with my CP, so I can’t read paper books for too long sometimes

3. I Prefer Natural Reading Light: That being said when it comes to paper books I prefer natural light although I want to try reading by candle light

4. I looooooooooove Magnetic Bookmarks: I am a bit of ditz when it comes to other kinds. They either fall out or I can’t find the page

5. I Am Becoming Obsessed with Audiobooks: Honestly they help me read with a different and more understanding perspective as a reader. It keeps me more in the world lately than paperbooks do. The narrators can hold me captive if the voice is right and honestly I believe any book you rated lowly you should give a second chance with the audiobook.

6. My Nook TBR is Ridiculous: Like nearly 300… Yeah… I am failing at Rock My TBR

7. I Have Traveled Much More In Books: Although one day I want to travel to actual settings

8. I Don’t Do Scary: Unless it’s Kelley Armstrong because he creativity, setting, and detail astound me

9. I Love The Book Blogging Community: Especially doing Twitterchats, they are the best thing EVER! Has anybody missed me on twitter? Seriously though through blogging it helps reinforce the fact that you are never alone.

10. Umm… I Write in Books: So it took me a while to get over what they pounded into our heads in K-12, “NEVER write in your books” I mean I could barely do it in a college notebook when it was required, but recently I’ve discovered I love writing little notes and tabbing the hell out of books. I even now keep a pen and tabs in my wallet… I don’t do it for every book, but when something leaps out at me I gotta!

So bookworms that’s all for now because it’s almost an hour past my bedtime! >.< I really hate going to bed this early because the night owl in me wants to work, but after I get out of training who knows I may get a few lucky days. So did you do TTT this week? Do we share any facts in common? Let me know because I love to bond! I miss you all and will be replying to comments on Potterhead July and Scheduling posts this weekend I promise. I will find my way through this balancing act! Have a good week and be safe all! Happy Reading!


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