Movie Monday: All Good Things, Must Come to an End… My Thoughts on Once Upon a Time Season 6

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Hey Bookworms! I’m baaack! It’s time for a Movie Monday post which is one of my features in which I talk about, fangirl, or  review my favorite shows, animes, and movies. And if you can’t tell from my extremely long title, (sorry for that by the way) I’m going to talk about my thoughts and hopes for season 6 of Once Upon a Time. Although I was close to giving up on it as mentioned in one of my previous Movie Mondays, when they alluded to having Aladdin on the show they once again peaked my attention. So let’s get started on all the thoughts and hopes I have in my head after watching the creators talk about it before the premiere and the first episode itself.

My Thoughts and Hopes for Season 6 of Once Upon a Time


Warning: If You Haven’t Watched Up to Season 5 This will contain SPOILERS!!!

My Thoughts

Well first off let me say all this is very fresh in my head because I record the show to watch, so I can pause it and still continue to enjoy especially with my work week I tend to forget which is a real Sunday and which is my Sunday. When I set to record the season I was not expecting the extra of hearing the creators talk about it and answer our questions. It definitely did make me feel a little bittersweet when they said that this season was about bringing the story full circle and bringing it to a happy ending, but also trying to decide what a happy ending would mean. I also love that they reminded me what pulled me to this show in the first place the main theme… Not only magic, but choosing to have and keep hope. Choosing to believe when it seems impossible, or even when the rest of the world believes otherwise. Embracing that we both have a good and bad side we all must embrace and yet battle at the same time…

Let’s just say with those themes this show has seen me through both the best of times when: I was full of hope, belief of love, having it, and a secret belief in magic, to my worst times: where I could find hope to grab on to, love was a fairy tale that only existed on the show as well the magic I had once held in my words and mind, and now when: My hope is starting to burn brighter on my best days, I’m still struggling with my belief in love but at least now it’s a flicker, and the magic in my words… Well I am actively searching for it.

Needless to say although I am a bit scared, of how these creators will treat my favorite characters I am ready to take the final plunge with them.

My Hopes

  1. That we will know more about chosen ones
  2. That Belle will take more of a part of actions
  3. Ruby will come back for this last season
  4. That Regina can stay strong for all the family and friends that stand behind and support her
  5. That Henry will grow more strength as the author and realize his strengths as a hero in his own rights
  6. And my last and final hope is that Emma and Hook get their true happy ending!! Or I might have to burn the world down, or at least having to stop believing in true love leading to happy endings…

Well I know that last one may be a little extreme that duo has been through too much for me not to need that and for me not to hope that for them. Well bookworms that is all for now. What are your thoughts and hopes for this season? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Reading and Watching!


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