My 2nd Blogaversary!!: The Time Flew By !


Hey Bookworms! I can’t believe how fast time flew by as cliche as that sounds! This second year definitely snuck up on me between graduating from University, job hunting, to adjusting to a new job. I really haven’t been the best blogger and I regret it because I really do love the book blogging community.

I miss my book blogger friends even more now that I am working, and love the fangirling or just the excuse to rant on my thoughts. I do need your help though figuring out how to balance work and blogging. Tips from you all especially for those that work on computers all day how do you motivate yourself to motivate yourself to stare at a screen more even if you enjoy it?

I am going to try harder but for now I will share the things I hope to do when I end up saving money from work and what I hope to do more with my blog!

My Blogging Dreams and Goals for the Next Year

  1. Go to YA’ll West! I am already hoping I can get the days off to explore the book community on a bigger scope
  2. Blog more life events, such as seeing Finding Neverland at The Smith Center and my Birthday Trip I am taking to Disneyland in March
  3. Doing more movie reviews (reviews period really), and sticking to it, taking notes as soon as it hits
  4. Posting more fandom posts!
  5. Join 3 more Readathons and knock some books off my TBR!
  6. Plan more which means using my planner!
  7. Sharing more of my writing because hopefully sharing will spur me to write more
  8. Meet more of you and be more active in the community
  9. Read more paper books again and do a book share with a friend!
  10. Comment and read more blogs to share the love

Well I think 10 is enough especially since I have to go to bed soon for work tomorrow. I am sorry that this post is so short, but I saved the best for last. I am hosting my first ever give away for hitting this landmark plus working does allow that small perk! =D

Just Click Here

That’s all for now bookworms! What are your blogging goals? How long have you been blogging? What is your favorite part about blogging? What should I post more of? Let me know your thoughts and ideas down below I always love to talk. Happy Reading!


6 thoughts on “My 2nd Blogaversary!!: The Time Flew By !

    • Thank you I am happy to still be doing this and even though this year hasn’t been the best for blogging, I hope I can do more in the next and having bloggers supporting me like you encouraging me keeps me going 😊


  1. Congratulations! Happy Blogiversary. Rooting for you to accomplish your goals. i try to take and do one job at a time. Tomorrow is another day. Thanks for the giveaway.

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