Book Talk: I’m Slumping Again and Life Updates

book talk

Hey bookworms! It’s me Chantal the little short redheaded book blogger that used to blog a lot more.. Hope I’m not fading from your memory jk… Kinda… It’s time for a random book talk even though I know we’ve talked about this before, but another slump has taken me… And I really wanted to talk to my fellow bookworms with my one day off as I watch booktube and youtube videos procrastinating on getting dressed to go shopping today. But anywho this post might may not be long or linear, but I miss you all so lets get started.

Book Talk: I’m Slumping Again&Life Update

So I am slumping again and it is only the second month of the year. I feel bad even calling book blogger anymore. Let’s face it with work I haven’t been on twitter haven’t gotten to really talk to authors or you guys. Haven’t gotten to see whats coming out beside what’s occasionally on facebook. I barely watch booktube, so yeah I am out of the loop.

Honestly I haven’t even been really reading my audio books. I will start them in the morning when I am getting ready for work, but instead I have been downloading shows on Netflix and watching them on the bus. I just have been have trouble attaching myself with the world and the characters even if it’s a memoir. I find myself skimming or losing my spot or attention. Honestly I think I feel burnt out and that’s affecting my want and need to read and write and then that feeds into me feeling depressed and or guilty about it…

Don’t get me wrong I really like my job especially when I am doing so well. I am one of the top stacked ranked performers on the floor which means I hit all my stats at least for the first two weeks of February, and I haven’t missed a day except that one day in January where I couldn’t speak and working in a call center that is kind of important XD  My program manager wants to write a positive write up to the clients  (we are a partner site) to tell what a great employee I’ve been. I have a great bond with my team and lead. I love them even when they drive me crazy. I really am grateful to have this as a first job, and I feel I’m growing, but I need to find a balance. I need to find my drive again.

Luckily I am taking a vacation/ early birthday trip with my fellow book blogger friend Bex to Disneyland. Yes, I want to celebrate my 25th birthday at Disneyland! (A week early I’ll be back home before my birthday)  People like her and you guys make me keep in the community as much as I can. It is going to give me a break to breathe and have fun. Then in May I am going to take an adventure to Vancouver, Canada which is what I am super excited and nervous for and I may disclose more about that trip after. I will be there the 6th-and leaving the 10th, so if any of you guys have suggestions to do or even bookstores to hit. Let me know! This all makes me feel really adult because these are only the second and third trips I have planned on my own.

Back to my slump like I said in the beginning this blog wasn’t going to be linear, but what do you guys do when you’re slumping? Do you ever feel guilty about it when slumping? I just miss falling in love with a book whether it’s paper, e-book, or audio book. I miss reading and losing myself in a world. I miss walking with a character as a friend. I even miss the occasionally crying. How do you get over the guilt? How do you find the balance between work and your passion and hobbies? Tips and tricks are appreciated. Heck even tell me about a trip your planning. Sorry if this was too rambly, but anyway hope you’re having a good week and happy reading!


One thought on “Book Talk: I’m Slumping Again and Life Updates

  1. Sometimes a break is what you need to get your vigor back. I take a break every year for a month and it does me wonders. Best wishes!


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