Top Ten Tuesday: Gimme, Show Me, Write More of These Please!

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Hey bookworms! I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Meanwhile I am writing this on Memorial Day Weekend on Sunday and doing this in advance, although this is a past topic since I haven’t done one in forever. This topic was from May 9th that tells you how long it’s been since I last long I looked at the topics… >.<

I had a rough night with some personal stuff last night and let’s just say at this day and age it sucks to find that people still cyber bully as adults. It makes you  wonder if friendship ever does last or last to adult hood, sorry for the short vent, but I guess my blog at time feels like a half diary at times. You guys are a safe place for me. Writing helps me clear my mind too and helps lightens my heart.  What better way to fill holes than books? So now that I have gotten that off of chest, onto happier things.

For those of you who don’t know Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish in which we in the bookish community are given a topic or theme, and we come up with our top bookish answers. The topic for this week is Ten Things on our Reading Wishlist, things we wish books had more of such as: a certain themes, settings, periods in times, types of characters, plots. Anywho let’s see how many I can think of and get started.

My Reading Wishlist: Gimme, Show Me, Write More of These Please

1.  Fairies


(Found on)

I’ve been a fairy child since I was child and this is a mythology that has died out as the years go on. I wonder if maybe I should write something about them… Maybe one day I will? For now I wish I could find something new to spark my heart and give me the same light they used to.

2. Female Friendships


I want to see real adult friendships prosper and I know they are very important in YA, but as an adult and the things that arose yesterday I want to know you can keep and even make friends as an adult.

3. Wolves/Werewolves


Again it goes with what the last one talked about having bonds and the ones that go on forever taking care of the ones you call your own. I am working on my own but I have stepped back from it a bit.

4.  Setting: Canada

Canadian Flag.png

I am hoping within hopefully within 2 years I’ll be going to school in Vancouver or at the very least exploring more of the country such as Prince Edward Island. What can I say I fell in love with the city and I felt at peace there it is enough city, with a little bit of ocean and forest to give me something new. As for visiting Prince Edward Island I fell in love with reading Anne of Green Gables and now watching it.

5. Plot: Traveling


Whether it has the characters traveling on a plain, train, or bus, car I want to have a character traveling because they want to not because they have to or need to. I want to see characters give into the urge to travel, just pick a point on a map and go.

6. Era/Characters: 1920’s Flappers


I’m in love with the fashion and the attitude short hair the risk. I just can’t help but want more from this time.

7.  Era/Character: 1950-60’s Pin-Up


Another era of women finding a new strength and style although it isn’t as fair as it should be it was when we started to make a path in the world and began to start making paths.

8. Movies/TV

I liked how these books showed the behind the scenes stuff and I have a curious mind. Maybe what goes into costuming or the research? I mean it’s different that the romance and the day to day stuff in books.

9. Writing/Publishing

What goes into the publishing or the way people get their ideas for writing. The way it strikes other people.

10. Going through the next level of college

Again another thing I need advice in as I’m the first in my family to want to pursue this. I want to find a character finding their way through this.

Anywho bookworms, sorry the last few lacked pictures but I really didn’t know what to put for those and I am getting kind of tired. I hope you all enjoyed it. What are you craving in books? Do you know any suggestions for the ones I am craving. Please let me know in the comments. Have a wonderful rest of your week and happy reading!


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