Book Retrospection: As I Descended by Robin Talley

Hey bookworms time for my first review of the year! I promise one day I will feel more confident in doing these and figure out how to make time to do these in my work life, but there was some things in this book that hit me very strongly and so I wanted to attempt talking about it and hope that it comes out at least somewhat smoothly. Any who let’s get started!

As I Descended

As I Descended by Robin Talley

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publishing Date:  06 September 2016

Format: Audio Book from the Overdrive Library App

Rating:  3 out of 5 Stars

Opening Thoughts

I picked up this book because of on my last trip to Vancouver and on my library date I started to read another one of her books, Our Own Private Universe, and the voices of her characters instantly pulled me in, so I was hoping this would to. I went into this really blind kind of like an auto-borrow. I really didn’t even read the summary to be honest I just downloaded and went with it beginning the adventure not having much expectations except this is an author who knows how to give a true voice to her characters.

What I Loved

This book I had a character I related to with Lily and it filled me with such gratefulness. Although Lily wasn’t born with a leg disability like I was and gained it later in her life, most of her thoughts really hit home for me. Such as having people see her as crutches and not as a girl who just happens have crutches except for the person who loved her Maria, her days of pain, and her drive to prove everyone wrong. It drove me to near sobs to not feel alone and that an author did it in a way that wasn’t stereotyping or showing that her character’s experience wasn’t the only experience.

I even struggle about writing about my own disability because I know it’s only a fraction of who I am. I do want to say thank you Robin Talley for inspiring me to maybe be brave enough to do the same for my own character one day to show the world that not every part disability is the same and there are spectrum of each, but most importantly it doesn’t define you.

What I Wanted More Of

I just wanted some more definition to other characters such as Delilah and Brandon. I wanted to know more of they’re past with Maria. I also wanted to know more of Maria’s past it made it hard for me to connect to these three characters or hear their voices. I think it could’ve made this book stronger at least to me. I think it would’ve kept me more grounded in the in the story.

Wrapping It Up

Overall the ghost story factor wasn’t my favorite, but the diversity was so good from the f/f and m/m couples to the Hispanic culture. I feel that maybe if I had read Macbeth I would’ve given it a higher rating and connected more with it as my retellings are my favorite thing ever. One day when I read Macbeth, I will pick up this book and give it another shot even though Shakespeare’s tragedies aren’t my favorite and I prefer his comedies the English major in me will definitely pull me to read all his works from his sonnets to the rest of his plays.

That’s it for this review bookworms. I hope all these thoughts make sense I promise to try and get better at these. What are your thoughts on this book if you read it? What were your favorite parts or least favorite parts? Have you read any of Robin Talley’s books? I plan to finish reading Our Own Private Universe very soon, but that is a book for another post! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Happy Reading!



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