Book Talk: Hitting a Plateau

book talk

Hey bookworms! I hope you’re having a good and rested Memorial Day Weekend. I know I’ve been AWOL but I am trying to get better at this. I am getting glasses soon, so it may get easier to post more often because it has a blue light protector tint, thing, so it’s easier to stare at a computer. Anywho onto the topic at hand this week’s book talk I’ve been thinking about a lot this week. Well… More like I’ve been beating myself up over it, so let’s get this conversation started!

Hitting a Plateau 

We all hit a plateau in life whether it comes to a diet, an exercise routine, a job, writing, drawing, or even reading. And while the majority of those are frustrating for me (well except for drawing I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life XD), reading has become the most frustrating lately.


Whether it be reading a book I’ve been excited for and had my stride on (Tiger’s Dream), or hitting a slow month in reading.  I had a really good first 3 reading months where I was far ahead of my Goodreads goal two or three books ahead. I wrote down summaries of every book I was finishing of my thoughts. I was sticking to my resolutions.

But when it came to April and May, I’ve hit a wall, fallen behind schedule, and it makes me want to scream. I want to find the energy, the passion, the drive to read and write, but I can’t find it. I want to create I want to be inspired, and I think where did the voice of creativity go, where did my voices of my characters go. Should I force myself to read and write, or do I wait for it to come to me? What do you guys do, whether it comes to reading or creativity, do you force yourself to pick up or spill out the words, or do you let your mind, and spirit be ready for it? Let me know, please in the comments, this is one thing I need to know I am not alone in.


I hope you all have a good weekend, find a creative drive (if you’re searching for one), a good song, good book, or even a good show/movie. I miss you all and Happy Reading!


wolf (2)

PS Here is my Mushy Song of the Moment (And yes I still swoon over him):


2 thoughts on “Book Talk: Hitting a Plateau

  1. I often have to go find a peaceful or motivating space to clear my mind. I often hit this periods of time where it’s difficult for me to read and put the pen to paper. I’m still learning as I go as well. You are not alone!

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