Book Talk: Let’s Talk Subscription Boxes

book talk

Hey Bookworms! I hope you’re all having a wonderful start of your week, for me it’s my Sunday (Monday is the last day of my weekend) and I ‘ve had a pretty relaxing day, besides a phone interview, that turned into me scoring an in person interview. It is kind of the same thing I’m currently doing, but with more of a pay raise and a loooooooooot close to my house. So wish me luck on July 16th because I really want it and I hope it leads to opportunity, growth, the ability to adventure more, and save more. Saving and maybe not feel as guilty or stressed spending a bit of money on myself. This leads me to the topic at hand, subscription boxes. Let’s get this chat started!

Subscription Boxes: Are they worth the indulgence, and which to get?

When I first started blogging, I had signed up for the UpperCase subscription box and adored it because they had an option to pick books for you based on your taste. Due to having the funds of a college student, I had to end the subscription with the intention of coming back once I earned more funds. Once I got my current job, I was ready to sign back up only to find the option no longer existed. I won’t lie, I was a little crushed. I’m not saying their current box isn’t great, but it centers on new releases like most boxes do, and unless it’s something that I’ve been looking forward to, I tend to avoid new releases until the hype dies down.


I’ve been curious about the Book of the Month box, and been craving it as it may get me to read outside of the YA Realm and into more adult reads, but with my current slump, I’d feel I was wasting Money and making my TBR too big in the shoe box of the room I currently live in.

Today though as I was telling my best friend how much I missed my passion for writing, as I was scrolling through Instagram I scrolled across Victoria Scott’s post, and it led me to her box. I feel like it is destiny, it’s not just a book, it’s a way to get my words back through the Scribbler box.  It’s not just a prompt it’s a way to get you to write and steps to take on getting published. Honestly it’s like the universe is putting this in front of me to lead me back to me. I am sick of a quiet head and my passion gone. I am hoping at the very least this is the start I need. I want to find my passion for writing and reading again desperately. I want to find myself lost in the words, lost in my head, and on the path to finding me again, whoever she may be now, but I will never not let her be powered by words. Maybe with this box it will peak my curiosity to try others.


So what about you bookworms? What subscription boxes have you tried? Which do you recommend? Which ones have you fallen in love with or which are the ones you’ve regretted? Which gets the most bang for your buck? Do you want to see me do a kind of unboxing when I get it? Let me know in the comments below. This is something I’d really love to talk about and really curious to get your opinion on. I hope you all have an amazing week and as always Happy Reading!


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